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Health The DePuy recall is far from Johnson & Johnsons first defective product recall. In only the past two years, J&J and its subsidiaries have recalled products that include everything from medications (Tylenol and Motrin) to the current hip replacement system recalls of the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. In April 2010 alone, there were recalls on 40 J&J products due to manufacturing defects and other potential risk factors. It is important to highlight how J&J responded to recalls in the past so that you know what to expect from it with regards to your hip replacement lawsuit. In September of 2010, J&J CEO William Weldon apologized before Congress for letting the public down with its rash of recalls due to poorly maintained manufacturing equipment and tainted ingredients. He also had to answer for J&Js handling of product recalls, specifically the management of its defective Motrin product. Rather than formally recalling the medication, J&J hired a contractor to buy up bottles of the product, apparently to avoid revealing the issue to the public and adding yet another recall to its growing list. This prompted the House .mittee on Oversight and Government Reform to look into the ethics of such phantom recalls and its use to avoid a Motrin recall as well as planning to avoid the Childrens Tylenol recall. The phantom recall prompted the Food and Drug Administrations Principal Deputy .missioner to .ment that it seemed strange that J&J was paying a contractor to send personnel into retail stores country-wide to buy up all of the products on the shelves that J&J knew were potentially tainted. These contractors were told to pose as regular customers, adding to the aura of impropriety while J&J remained silent about the need to recall its possibly dangerous or ineffective products. When first questioned about the phantom recall, J&Js Head of Consumer Businesses testified that she wasnt aware of the .pany using contractors in this fashion although she later changed her testimony on the subject. This brand of subterfuge on the part of DePuys parent .pany coupled with the apparent lack of sufficient quality control and oversight at its production sites is cause for serious public concern. There is at least an appearance of disregard for the health and safety of J&Js customers including those of you now affected by the .panys hip replacement recall. Add to that the desire to avoid having more product defects .e to light, and its no surprise that J&J and DePuy are doing their utmost to encourage victims to sign away their legal rights in exchange for uncertain payoffs and quiet returns of any hip replacement products after removal. The questionable ethical management of recalls is just another reason why you need a savvy hip replacement lawyer from the Rottenstein Law Group to assist you with the DePuy hip replacement recall and to protect your rights if you decide to pursue a hip replacement lawsuit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: