Phoenix announced 16 years Q3 earnings mobile advertising revenue grew by 69%-plants war reported 69% Phoenix Technology News News November 9th earnings growth of Q3 mobile advertising revenue was 16 years, (the "phoenix new media", the New York stock exchange code: FENG) today announced the 2016 third quarter earnings. The results, as of September 30, 2016, the total income of the third quarter of 2016 for 360 million yuan ($54 million), in which the net advertising revenue of 310 million 400 thousand yuan ($46 million 600 thousand), compared to 300 million yuan last year growth of 3.5%, growth was mainly due to mobile advertising revenue grew 69.4%, while PC is an advertising revenue declines in 22.8%, partially offset by net advertising revenue growth. Not included in the equity incentive spending and equity investment losses and impairment, Phoenix New Media third quarter 2016 non GAAP net profit attributable to 24 million 800 thousand yuan ($3 million 700 thousand), non GAAP diluted ADS net profit of 0.34 yuan ($0.05). Liu Shuang, chief executive officer of phoenix new media, said: "we are very pleased to serve as China’s leading new media platform, the company’s third quarter financial results. The company continues to provide users with a full platform customization, professional, high-quality content, enhance the core competitiveness. Companies follow the trend of media development, is committed to providing high-quality content in mobile and PC platform for users. At this point, we are very pleased to have a wealth of experience in the management of Mr. Chen Tong joined the company as a joint president of Phoenix and a little information president. Chen Tong is recognized in the industry media and content management experts, the industry changes and the development of Phoenix has a profound insight. We look forward to working with Chen Tong to consolidate the strengths of the company to accelerate the development of the company. Li Ya, President of phoenix new media, said: we are very pleased to share the company’s progress in a bit of information and Phoenix two platforms made business. A little information to maintain steady growth in the user, as of September 2016, a little information has more than 40 million of the total daily active users. A bit of information and strategic cooperation with OPPO also steadily. Recently, OPPO shipments of mobile phones have begun to pre installed a little information client, millet browser and OPPO browser has also begun to provide a single point of information provided by the embedded news information flow service. In addition, although the market pressure is still facing a decline in PC advertising revenue, the company can slow down its decline through innovative solutions and purchase of native marketing solutions. We believe that the company through the Phoenix and a little strategic projects to promote, will grasp the new growth opportunities, strengthen market position, and create value for users, strategic partners and shareholders. Phoenix Network (NYSE:FENG) is China’s leading new media company, through coverage of the Internet, mobile Internet and television channels to provide quality programs integrated platform. Phoenix is headquartered in Hongkong, the world’s leading Chinese television network Phoenix TV was founded, through the Internet G相关的主题文章: