Picacho, see you in 2020! Nintendo to build theme parks isobuster

Picacho, see you in 2020! Nintendo will create the famous Nintendo IP theme park will debut at Universal Studios Phoenix Technology News Beijing on August 27th news, according to foreign media reports, in the "Pokemon" GO Huobian global, Nintendo also saw the potential value of their own hands the well-known IP. Therefore, they decided to join forces with Universal Studios, Universal Studios in Florida and Japan, the introduction of Nintendo’s elements, future visitors will be able to see the familiar theme park in the super Mario or Pokemon. Nintendo USA president Lei brother said: "this is a huge opportunity, let me the most satisfaction, team Nintendo and universal studios are very happy. They not only professional knowledge, Nintendo IP is also very familiar with. We will bring a more magical experience for visitors." In an interview, ray referred to the immersion interactive entertainment, perhaps Nintendo will give us a big surprise. In addition, in the new Universal Studios theme park, intelligent mobile phone will play an important role, this is inconceivable in the traditional theme park. In the design, we take into account the tourists of intelligent equipment, which is very important for the overall user experience." Ray said. For now, Nintendo and Universal Studios has yet to announce the specific design scheme, but we can already look forward to the future, perhaps they will be Mario kart moved to reality. It is reported that Nintendo will invest $351 million for Universal Studios, which covers an area of and after Harry Potter’s magical world is similar. Universal Studios Japan will be officially completed on 2020, when the Tokyo Olympic Games will pull the curtain. Now, Nintendo will own as an entertainment company, and therefore universal cooperation is very meaningful, the future will be the famous IP they boarded the big screen. Now, there are rumors that Nintendo is Netflix work together to create the legend of Zelda series. In March next year, Nintendo’s next-generation handheld (NX) will be officially launched, this century old counterattack soon reached a new climax. (compile Lv Jiahui)相关的主题文章: