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Medicine Your doctor can evaluate symptoms of hemorrhoids to rule out other, more serious problems. Many conditions that affect anus and colon can cause bleeding, mucus drainage, itching, and discomfort. Most people who have these symptoms think that they have hemorrhoids, but often they do not. If hemorrhoids are present, the health professional will evaluate their location and size and develop a treatment plan based on the hemorrhoids’ degree of severity. The diagnosis of hemorrhoids is based on medical history and physical exam. A digital rectal exam and an anoscopy may be the only tests needed at first. Your doctor will decide which tests to use. If hemorrhoids are the obvious cause of rectal bleeding, you are younger than age fifty, and you do not have risk factors for colon cancer, you may not need more tests. You can help prevent the irritating and painful symptoms of hemorrhoids. Include foods such as whole-grain breads and cereals, raw vegetables, raw and dried fruits, and beans. Limit your intake of low- or no-fiber foods, such as ice cream, soft drinks, cheese, white bread, and red meat. Avoid liquids that contain caffeine or alcohol. These liquids may cause dehydration, which can lead to constipation. Stool softeners containing bran or psyllium can be helpful. You can save money by buying bran or psyllium and sprinkling it on foods or stirring it into fruit juice. Avoid laxatives because they may cause diarrhea, which can irritate hemorrhoids. Avoid foods and beverages that seem to make your symptoms worse. These include nuts, spicy foods, coffee, and alcohol. Regular, moderate exercise, along with a high-fiber diet, promotes smooth, regular bowel movements. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing. If possible, avoid lifting heavy objects frequently. If you must lift heavy objects, always exhale as you lift the object. Don’t hold your breath when you lift. If you are pregnant, sleeping on your side will lower pressure on the blood vessels in your pelvis. This can help keep hemorrhoids from becoming bigger. You can use the following suggestions to keep hemorrhoids from getting worse or to relieve your symptoms. Blot the anus gently with white toilet paper moistened with water or a cleansing agent after bowel movements. Baby wipes or other premoistened towels are also useful for this purpose. You can rinse off in the shower or on a bidet instead of wiping yourself with toilet paper. After cleansing, gently pat the anal area dry with a soft, absorbent towel or cloth. Take non-prescription pain relievers. Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen can help with pain and swelling. Acetaminophen can help with pain. Apply ice several times a day for ten minutes at a time. Follow this by placing a warm compress on the anal area for another ten to twenty minutes. Apply moist heat several times a day. You may need a day or more of bed rest to take pressure off inflamed, irritated veins. If you are three to six months pregnant, you may find it helpful to lie on your side. If you are not pregnant, sleeping on your stomach with a pillow under your hips will help decrease swelling of hemorrhoids. Try not to sit or stand for a long time when hemorrhoids are irritated. If you must sit for a long time, sit on a pillow. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Take a sitz bath. Fill your bathtub with just enough warm water to cover the anal area. You can do this several times a day, especially after you have had a bowel movement. Soak for about fifteen minutes at a time. If the water is too warm, it could burn you. You can use medicines recommended by your health professional or pharmacist. However, many of the chemical drugs are not effective and may carry risks to patients with hemorrhoids. Highly effective naturally occurring medicinal extracts have been blended into plant medicine for hemorrhoids. A series of clinical trials for plant medicine have approved that the efficacy of plant medicine is conclusive with scientific pharmacology to illustrate, which enhances the confidence of the people. Plant medicine comes from nature and is safer than synthetic drugs with little side effect. Synthetic drugs do not have the ability to impact the bioforce of body which makes plant medicine very unique. To learn more, please go to ..naturespharma… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: