Play a game to get a promotion and a raise Island wonderful company with game education

Play a game to get a promotion and a raise? Island wonderful company with the game to educate people on the island of the people of a wide range of ideas, but also to play the game to get a raise? Recently, the island of a wonderful company for employees to develop a proprietary game, the game contains the relevant work knowledge, employees can play games this way to digest the knowledge absorption. In addition, the Ministry of personnel will be specially designed to monitor the progress of the game, and as one of the conditions for promotion. According to foreign media reports, this wonderful island company called Seino Holdings, which belongs to the west of the company’s transport, the development of the price of the game with the education called "SINO QUEST~ delivery of the legendary people ~". In this game, the background of the game for the president of the company was caught by the devil, the players need a pass off cut, rescued the boss. At the same time, you will learn the knowledge of traffic rules, company rules and so on. There are 800 puzzles in the game, not only at the moment to verify the amount of knowledge of the players, but also to teach employees a wealth of knowledge. At the same time, the progress of the game will be recorded on the personnel department, as part of the personnel assessment, will also become the promotion of the corresponding conditions for promotion.相关的主题文章: