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Home-and-Family Whenever you go outside one of the things you need to keep and eye out for and avoid is a poison ivy plant. Its important to learn to recognize one so you can avoid it. Should you ever .e get it on you and you begin to develop a rash. Although majority of people do not develop a rash, it is better to avoid this plant then to try and find out if you could develop one. You have probably heard the phrase ‘Leaves of three, let it be.’ Yes the poison ivy plant .es in leaves of three, but not all plants with three leaves together are poison ivy. Things to look for, in order to identify the plant are: in a poison ivy, the 3 leaves are divided, with the middle leave being longer and on its own longer stalk. You will also notice an erect shrub or climbing vine. If you see plants like this and suspect it could be a poison, ivy then stay away from it and do not .e in contact with it. If you find one in your backyard, you will probably want to weed it out. This is not a good idea, especially using a weed eater, this will only cause the oils from the plant that contain the toxin to get all over you. Burning this plant is also a bad idea as the oils be.e more intense with the heat and can be carried with the smoke. The effective way to get rid of it, is using herbicide. Make sure you only use the right amount, too much can cause the liquid to drip from the plant. If you .e in contact with it, you should remove any clothing worn when you came in contact with it, including shoes. Rub alcohol on your skin that has been affected. After the alcohol, rinse with cold water. Do not use hot water, as it will only open up your pores, thus allowing the oil to get into your skin. Oil can get on the soap you are using to wash off the area, so do not use any until you have rubbed alcohol and rinsed with cold water. Also make sure you have carefully washed under your fingernails, as you may have gotten oil under them. It would be wise to stay away from plants that day or avoid going outside, as your skin will be extra vulnerable. If washed properly within the first 5-10 minutes of .ing in contact you can avoid getting a rash. The oils that got on your clothes can remain there for up to a year. Its of utterly importance that you wash this clothes very carefully. Everything else that came to contact with it must be washed. This also includes your pets. If you came in contact with it, even after you have washed the area properly, make sure you keep an eye out for symptoms, which can happen within the next 48 hours. Your skin can be.e red and itchy. They will form into patches. The red areas can be.e bumps or even blisters. To treat a rash, you can take cold showers and also apply cold .presses. Rubbing ice cubes on the affected area can also give temporarily relief. Applying topical liquids or lotions on the rashes can bring relief as well. A rash will typically last about a week and last up to three weeks. If you .e in contact with a poison ivy plant, and you were immune, do not assume this will always be the case. Your body will change through out the years as you get older. You can also lose immunity each time you .e in contact with it. You should learn characteristics of this plant so you can recognize it. Also get rid of it the proper way to avoid getting it on yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: