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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Cigars give immense pleasure to the smokers and if the cigars are Cuban then its like icing on the cake. Cuban cigars are well-known for their extra-ordinary taste and flavor. These are considered as the best cigars in the world and because of their heart- winning taste, these cigars are strictly produced under the corporation of government. These cigars are made of high quality tobacco leaves which are selected very carefully and hence are popular worldwide. But if you want to enjoy Cuban cigars at fullest, you must be aware of different brands. Some of the popular brands are as follows: Montecristo Cigars: These are the worlds most popular Havana brand cigars which were first launched in 1935 by H. Upmann cigar factory. People have gone mad about these finest Cuban cigars because of their unmatched flavor and aroma. By winning the hearts of millions of cigar lover across the globe, these have be.e the number 1 Havana brand. You can buy montecristo cigars of some popular brands including Grand Edmundo Limited Edition 2010, Montecristo Open cigar, Montecristo No. 2, Montecristo No. 4, Montecristo No. 5, etc. Cohiba Cigars: These cigars came into existence in 1969. These cigars are appreciated for their amazing flavor and sweet aroma.Some popular Cohiba cigars are 1966 Limited Edition 2011, Siglo, Aficionado’s Top 50 Cigars, Lancero cigar, Robusto, Maduro 5 Magicos, etc. Partagas Cigars: These cigars are the oldest and founded byDon Jaime Partagas. Partagas cigars are popular for their distinct aroma, power of essence and a very light colored wrapper. These cigars contain earthy features which are highly appreciated. Some popular Partagas cigars are Series D, No 4, Salamones, Lusitanias, Series P No. 2, Aristocrats, Coronas Senior and many more. Bolivar Cigars: These cigars are one of the most popular Cuban brands which are highly demamded across the world. Boliver cigars were first brought in 1901 by the Jose Rocha Cigar .pany and manufactured at the El Crepusculo cigar factory. These cigars are crafted of finest quality tobacco leaves and known for their earthy characteristics with a touch of sweet caramel. Some of the popular Bolivar cigars are Belicoso Finos, Royal Corona, Corona Gigante, Gold Medal, and Petit Corona. Cuaba Cigars: These cigars were first introduced on November 19, 1999 at a prominent Claridges Hotel in London. These finest Cuban cigars are known for their .bustible qualities and popular worldwide for their excellentfragrance and appealing darkcolor. Some of the highly demanded Cuaba Cigars are Salamones, Diademas, Exclusivos, Distinguido, Tradicionales, Divinos and Generosos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: