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UnCategorized A funeral can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for everyone involved. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what to say or do to .fort someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one. Flowers have traditionally been accepted as a way to express sympathy and let someone know that you care about them and the feelings they are going through at this difficult time in their lives. Sending funeral flowers is also considered a sign of your affection and respect for the deceased person. There are many different options when it .es to sending funeral flowers. Your relationship with the deceased person and their family members can determine which funeral flowers are appropriate for you to send and where you should send them. This is a part of proper funeral etiquette. If you did not know the deceased person and aren’t close with their nearest relatives, but are a dear friend of another person in the family, it may be more appropriate to send flowers directly to the home of that person to let them know you are thinking of them rather than sending them to the funeral home. Another occasion that would call for sending flowers to the home rather than the funeral parlor would be if your flowers are late in arriving. Once the viewings are under way, it can be rude to send flowers to the funeral home as they may interrupt the services that are being held. Proper funeral flower etiquette requires that your flower arrangement arrives prior to the day of the services for just this reason. Proper funeral flower etiquette also requires that you respect the personal beliefs and wishes of those family members taking care of the funeral as well as the deceased. This includes their religious preferences. While most religions allow for the sending of flowers to the funeral home or burial site, an orthodox Jew would find this offensive and you should send flowers to the home of their family member instead. You may also wish to be careful in selecting funeral flower arrangements with a religious motif. While a crucifix neatly arranged in a floral presentation may be appropriate for a Catholic funeral, some other religions would find this inappropriate and even offensive. In general, sending an arrangement of funeral flowers without additional themes or motifs is the best, sending them on time is a must and most of all sending them with the right intentions will help you maintain proper funeral flower etiquette. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: