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"Poverty alleviation" how much impact? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my source: Financial Investment Report – Li Zhilin these days the stock market fell, it is affected by the U.S. stocks fell down, as it is the main market fear of management "IPO" of the poverty alleviation. Commission spokesman stressed only three consecutive years of tax revenue in poor areas of up to $20 million of the enterprise, that is, that is, that is, the trial that is issued, without emphasizing the listing standards. So that the majority of the market, including the majority of media opinion, did not go to see the full text of the opinion, it will be a large number of Listed Companies in poor areas of the stock market will appear in the impression, a great fear. In fact, people ignore the "an important content of IPO to support poverty alleviation:" opinions "in the audit matters in the poverty-stricken area enterprises adhere to the" three "principle, adhere to the standards do not drop, not less, to ensure stable and healthy development of the market." If the Commission listed on poverty area, can really hundred-percent to this commitment and the principle of it, then you can eliminate these days the vast majority of investors "reported that the trial is that trial, namely" eight words is generated by the registration system, let disguised as fears of inferior enterprises listed in the comprehensive interpretation and misunderstanding, it will be the main content of the "big bad" to be excluded. In 1, the annual tax 20 million yuan, equivalent to annual profit of 200 million yuan, such enterprises, in the more than 2 thousand and 900 listed companies, also be excellent, based on "the standard does not drop, conditions not to reduce, so they also listed, without rebuke. 2, the "opinions" only regulations, poor areas of qualified enterprises can only jump the queue, priority reporting, audit, issuing and listing, the other a few years queuing enterprises, unfair. But for the two market investors, who first listed, are the same. 3, the market is worried about, in order to take into account the interests of all parties, the management is likely to have to accelerate the pace of market, both to increase the supply pressure of the two markets, the share price of the central depression. The key is whether the management can really do to ensure stable and healthy development of the market? 4, because now the 2 installment of the month, the listing of the new shares, is the last year, when the bull market in the city of 5000, the expansion of the rhythm of 28. If the future can not exceed this amount, the threat to the stock market is not great. If on this basis to continue to overweight, the stock market is difficult to have a big market, the index is difficult to have a greater improvement, only structural stock market. Although, these bad still exist, but the interpretation of public opinion (including my original interpretation) of the so-called bad part of the main, has ceased to exist, not so bad imagination. For investors, how much to get some relief. I believe the market will digest slowly, "opinions" to make an objective comment. In the past, China’s stock market is not a case of public and legal, too much. As the stock market early, proposed stock market losses, service for the state-owned enterprises, a blue chip company tied up a company listed together. Again, Guo Shuqing and Xiao Gang came to power, Chinese hydropower, China CCCC, Chinese iron, on相关的主题文章: