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"Poverty first" style mutation were interviewed IPO road can change danger into safety? Sina Finance News "concept of poverty alleviation and three new board stocks Hongyuan pharmaceutical duly completed two days of the new board occupied the headlines. Yesterday, the Commission of poverty alleviation policy, Hongyuan pharmaceutical shares soared 65%, occupy the forefront of the share price rose TOP. But today, the style of a turn, the company was interviewed the share transfer system. Today morning, the share transfer system released on Hongyuan pharmaceutical self regulatory measures taken to talk with the announcement by Hongyuan pharmaceutical in 2015 issued 79 million yuan ticket, no real trading background. At the same time, Hongyuan pharmaceutical semi annual report in 2015 did not truthfully disclose relevant matters. This relates to the company’s internal governance and internal risk control problems, not overlooked; and Hongyuan pharmaceutical next week also can change danger into safety, the result of a reconsideration of interviews. In fact, no real trading background notes issued, this thing is not in the new three board. A month ago, Southwest Securities of our Jiaer (833130) of the on-site inspection, found one important thing: our Jiaer has issued no real transaction background of bank acceptance. From May 19th to May 20th this year, our Jiaer repeatedly endorsed acceptance to Yunnan PI Tai Trading Company, Yunnan, where the trading company, involving a total amount of 30 million yuan, while the Shanghai plain trade limited company, Shanghai Yuxi international trade limited company payment to our Jiaer respectively over 10 million yuan. However! Our Jiaer and the Southwest Securities found that few companies have no real trade background!! Broken heart of the Southwest Securities to prompt attention to our Jiaer internal governance risk and internal control risk, and thus may have significant adverse effects brought to the company the standard management and sustainable development. Coincidentally. The family had just landed three new board company was suspected of false financial data crashed IPO. August 26th, Hong Liang shares officially approved landing three new board. Prior to the listing of the road can be described as twists and turns. Three years ago, the country’s top third leather production enterprises, Hong Liang shares hit IPO, but in a foot into the threshold of A shares was an emergency stop, the reason is to report suspected financial data fraud. Three years later, the company chose the impact of the capital market of two degrees, but this is the target of the new three board market. Remove the heavy part of the assets of short-term debt, checked other fatal injuries, Lutai shares may also be suspected of bill fraud. Acer shares in the public transfer statement admitted that there is no real transaction in the reporting period of the bill financing behavior. At the end of the reporting period, the company has to deal with the acceptance of 140 million yuan of Bank of Lanzhou branch. The company is silver Road branch deposit of 70 million yuan, and another 175000 lanshipi as collateral, mortgage for the Lanzhou branch of the Bank of the silver road. This behavior is obviously illegal, "negotiable instrument law" the tenth stipulation: "the bill issue, the acquisition and the transfer, should follow the principle of good faith, has the real transaction relations and the creditor" s rights debt relations. The acquisition of a negotiable instrument must pay the consideration, that is, the price corresponding to the acceptance by the parties concerned." For violation of the relevant negotiable instrument law, order相关的主题文章: