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Pregnant women in the early stage of how to prevent premature birth, must pay attention to! – mothers and mothers of the Sohu from the more comfortable into the second trimester of pregnancy. During this time, expectant mothers are too tired, or physical discomfort, may lead to premature birth. Therefore, expectant mothers in late pregnancy should pay attention to their own health care, prevention of premature birth. It is important to focus on premature delivery and premature delivery. When the following circumstances have to go to the hospital to check. 1, abdominal pain: lower abdominal uterine contractions and stomach similar before menstruation like falling pain, the rules of harden, contraction of 6 or more times per hour, every 10 minutes there are more than 1 times the uterine contraction, each time for at least 40 seconds, will be more powerful contraction of abdominal pain. If you do not see a doctor in time, the cervix will become thin, expansion and lead to premature delivery. 2, continuous lumbar back ache: even lie down and rest can not have any improvement. 3, secretion is different: secretion increased, there is water or blood like vaginal secretions. 4, red: red or brown mucus secretion of fresh blood, this is due to the production before the cervix changes. 5, broken water: amniotic membrane perforation, amniotic fluid outflow not independently, under normal circumstances is transparent, clear amniotic fluid; at this time, the mother will feel the vagina water suddenly flow out, may be a large outflow, there may be a small, intermittent outflow. Once there is a phenomenon of water damage, immediately to the hospital for examination. When the emergency measures of preterm birth if there are signs of premature birth, regardless of time of occurrence or severity or not, the mother must immediately go to the doctor to give the obstetrician ample time to provide appropriate and rapid disposal, such as giving drugs to promote fetal lung maturity, thereby reducing the risk of premature birth. Mothers should avoid panic, avoid breathing, lying posture, try to relax until help arrives. Away from the premature, do seven things normally, an average of 1 kg lighter preterm infants than in full-term infants, weight or even more, and to spend time in the warm box. In order to baby’s health, mothers should try to avoid premature birth. 1, once pregnant, will do it regularly check if determined is pregnant, will start to do regular checks, in order to diagnose the possible signs of premature birth, such as cervical opening, multiple pregnancy, uterine fibroids, uterine malformation etc.. Only early detection, early measures can be taken to avoid premature birth. For example, if the cervix is open, it can be diagnosed and treated in the first 3 months of pregnancy. 2, to avoid long standing and weight bearing pregnant women standing, the weight of the fetus almost all pressure on the cervix. Under normal circumstances, after pregnancy to avoid standing too long, so as not to excessive pressure on the cervix, especially pregnant women were diagnosed with cervical signs of cervical opening, it is necessary to pay attention to. If you are engaged in the occupation needs to stand for a long time, from the fourth months of pregnancy, the mother should be asked to change jobs. 3, reduce the amount of activity after 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus began to increase rapidly, expectant mothers should pay attention to reduce the amount of activity, movement should be mainly scattered相关的主题文章: