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Business 1. Preliminary Research Even if a business has an email marketing plan already in place, a business should engage in research to determine their target markets and demographics. A business should know who theyre trying to target in order to know the correct way to connect to their customers. Without the proper knowledge of the types of customers interested in a businesss products and/or services, marketing tactics fail, no matter the medium. Big business, small business and major corporations succeed because they understand whom they are trying to market to. A business offering dog treats wouldnt promote on a cat forum. Of course, they could, but it would be much more beneficial to promote on a forum dedicated towards dog owners and lovers. With that being said, research can be carried out in a number of ways. If a business already has a website or is active within social media, surveys and polls could be taken. If this is not an option, looking at customers who buy from possible .petitors could be of good use. 2. Email Marketing Specific Research Before a business starts sending out emails, they should be.e familiar with some of the intricacies involved. Not that theres many, but understanding how email marketing works is the key to success. Reading up on the statistics, metrics and analytics involved with email marketing is a good start. Therefore, a business doesnt have to fall prey to tactics and strategies that have failed for others. For instance, 54% of people who unsubscribe from permission emails said the reason was due to emails .ing too frequently. A statistic such as that could help a business owner understand maybe why theyre seeing a rise in unsubscribers. Another statistic stated that 49% of people who unsubscribe from permission emails said the reason was because content was repetitive or boring over time. This could also help business owners see that diversity in content is of prime importance. 3. List Building Strategies Once a business knows the markets they are trying to attract, promoting the email campaign is the next step. There are hundreds of methods available to use, but there are time-tested methods that most business owners use. Allowing customers to subscribe via the .pany website is one of the most basic strategies used. A link should be available on every page, not ostentatiously, but as a subtle reminder to customers. They are already on the website, which signals a modicum of interest. So to capitalize on this interest is necessary. Also, there should be an option to subscribe when customers check out, most likely, if they have already bought a product, they will be interested again. As a reminder, subscription should be as seamless and easy as possible. A business should consider a customers attention span as very little. Therefore, everything from website browsing to signing up for a newsletter should be fast and simple. Another option is to submit RSS URLs to RSS directories. This should be done as much as possible with the target market in mind. for more information about mass email marketing 相关的主题文章: