Preparations for the mid late 11 to start the Shanghai Stock Exchange to disclose more details of th-kairui

For the 11 months late start HKEx disclosure of more details of sina App Shenzhen Hong Kong Business Finance: Live on-line bloggers to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money China securities network (reporter Zhang Yi Na) Chinese securities network reporter was informed that the Hongkong Stock Exchange has on the evening of 28 in its official website published more deep our data, in order to facilitate market parties ready for business and technology. At the same time, the company said, the Hongkong market is expected to will do a good job of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the preparations for the implementation in the mid to late 11, but the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening time to be ready for market, and the mainland and Hongkong SFC approved the implementation of. The relevant documents on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange published yesterday evening: Revised Shenzhen Hong Kong through documentation, frequently asked questions (temporarily only English version) and "exchange rules", "central clearing system" and "general rules of CCASS operational procedures of the proposed amendment rules" (the file please in Hong Kong the website). HKEx said that this is a part of Shenzhen Hong Kong market communication plan, help the Hongkong flag exchange and clearing participant ready business and related technology. According to HKEx, the release is the main business and operation details into Shenzhen Hong Kong in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the data file, and the "market participants frequently asked questions" and "investors" frequently asked questions together. "Exchange rules", "central clearing system" and "general rules of CCASS operational procedures" revision of the draft rules also expanded the scope of the relevant rules, to reflect the differences in the Shanghai and Shenzhen market trading arrangements and market practices. Assist to prepare the market, the Hongkong stock exchange has been for the Hongkong stock exchange and clearing participants, information provider business and operational staff held seven Shenzhen through lectures, and in October will be held in November and the connection test and market exercise, to determine the market participants on the Shenzhen Hong Kong Technology readiness. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: