Property market brake or let the four quarter of the stock market investment depends on the performa-ratatouille

Property market brake or let the four quarter of the stock market depends on the performance of investment – Sohu securities, said the number one topic during the National Day holiday, is the introduction of real estate everywhere Qi regulatory policy. Insiders believe that, with the country have introduced a real estate purchase and limited credit policy, speculation this road barrier, the property market will fluctuate by into a slow rise, a lot of speculation speculative funds coming out, by the property market into the stock market liquidity of the future a period of time. However, some analysts believe that the funds can flow into the stock market from the property market, but also need to look at the subsequent market reaction. The stock market is closely related to the housing market, the stock market has always been playing on the seesaw, were the "gold" two sources. This year, the property market continued to hit, rising, while the stock market is at the beginning of the year fell sharply in the near future, narrow sideways. With the country have introduced a real estate purchase and limited credit policy, speculation was inhibited, so since this road barrier, the hot money and where would you go? Will bring incremental funding for the stock market? State Securities believes that the property market if the end of the crazy situation, then the funds to find new areas, is bound to benefit the stock market. Since the second half of the year in the ample liquidity in the background, the stock market will bottom elevation is the basic feature of the stock market in any case, ample liquidity in the background, in the premise of funding is not from the virtual into the real interest rates remain low, pattern will not change. This is beneficial to support the stock market valuation level. Huatai Securities believes that A shares will benefit from the valuation of real estate funds squeeze. In the current low interest rate environment, the overall valuation of the low level of A shares, performance improvement or high performance stocks will get the inflow of funds. From the historical data, the purchase of real estate will be out of funds into the stock market, some residents, from 2010 to 2011, the property market regulation intensive period, A shares of natural person investors hold the market value to 5 million accounts in 100 thousand significantly increased the number of. Since the second half of 2014, the stock market fluctuations in the housing market excess money "in a stable environment, seesaw effect is obvious. In recent years, in the context of economic data and asset shortage environment, the reverse relationship between the property market and the stock market is more obvious. Guoxin Securities statistics show that long time interval, before 2012, especially during the period of 2006-2011, house price and stock price trend in the same direction, and the growth in house prices generally lags behind the stock index vertex vertex. Since 2012, housing prices and stock prices gradually from the positive relationship evolved into a significant inverse relationship, which formed the so-called "seesaw effect": from June 2012 to December 2013, 70 large and medium-sized city new commercial housing price index continued to rise year on year, while the Shanghai Composite fell from 2400 points to 2000 points; and in 2014 to in March 2015, the year-on-year growth rate continued to decline, while the Shanghai Composite Index has been rising; then, the stock market experienced a rapid decline in the depth of three since June 2015, while prices, especially first-tier cities and some second tier city hot spot prices have continued to rise. From the valuation point of view, the stock market has shown a valuation advantage. Wind statistics show that since 2005;相关的主题文章: