Proportion scary! Nearly 20% Japanese regret marriage-mia farrow

Proportion scary! Nearly 20% of the Japanese regret to get married when we are watching anime, often for the CP issue a few days and nights. The reason is, we hope to be able to see their love role to get married, and then reach old age together? However, in reality, marriage really has the meaning of "love grave". Recently, Japanese media reports said: nearly 20% Japanese regret marriage. The survey was conducted this summer. Of the 300 respondents, about 81% of the respondents did not regret the current marriage. Everyone said: Although there are a lot of dissatisfaction, but not regret. Just in the quarrel, will feel better not to marry." "Women still have a family and children." Visible although there will be a series of contradictions after marriage, but we do not regret their choice. But why is there nearly 20% of people choose to regret it? In the further investigation, a lot of people complained: my husband had previously owed a debt, no economic ideas." "I am sorry, especially her husband after retirement, feeling not three." From the latter’s speech can be seen, along with the continuation of the marriage, the couple are more and more dissatisfied with each other. In this regard, a lot of Japanese users commented. Looks like I’m getting married." "I don’t think I’ll regret it, but my wife will regret it……" "So the two dimension is good, the wife casually change, and not old." So old drivers, you want to get married? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: