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Pu Jinhui this week or third times three refused to apologize to the National Prosecutors investigating the Sohu news November 26th, South Korea, Seoul, a large number of people to participate in demonstrations, demanding the President Park Geun Hye resign. Figure Chinese visual South Korean media reported 28, Chong Wa Dae news sources, according to the "cronies intervention" event, South Korean President Pu Jinhui or published third "national speech" in this week, when the matter may be sorry again. On the same day, South Korea’s three largest opposition party to their first draft resolution to impeach the park, and will draw up a unified impeachment resolution final draft at 29 days of negotiations. To keep close at home aides national protest report South Korean media quoted the 28 Chong Wa Dae more than sources as saying, with the "bestie incident continues to ferment, park could be preparing for a third published" national speech ", or the time in this week. By then, park Geun hye may be third times to apologize to the people. Pu Jinhui since "bestie" incident exposure has been keeping a low profile. According to some South Korean media said, in just the past weekend, during South Korea held around the candlelight rally, park did not go out in the home, listen to the relevant national protest aides report. At the same time, presidential Secretary chief Han Guangyu and other senior secretary also discussed ways to resolve the current crisis, including: third speeches and apology. "Bestie" incident after exposure, Pu Jinhui respectively in October 25th and November 4th two speech, apologized to the public. When the first apology, Pu Jinhui tried to explain the situation of the president’s speech received by President Cui Shunshi, and said that after the composition of the Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae team, she stopped to ask for help from the. Apologize to the people at the same time, Pu Jinhui did not explain the specific time she stopped consulting advice to Cui Shunshi, Cui did not mention rumors involving corruption. When the second apology, park Geun hye repeated his interpretation of the relationship with Cui, continue to apologize, but also indicates that do not want to stand down automatically. At present, it is unclear what Pu Jinhui will make the third apology. Support the low rate of "the president has been completely lost in charge of the national political power" Yonhap reported on 28 of South Korea’s three largest opposition party, the National Democratic Party and the common justice party meeting held the same day, the draft for the first draft resolution of impeachment park. The three opposition parties will be drawn up in the draft resolution on the resolution of a unified resolution on the 29 draft. If you want to pass a resolution of impeachment in the South Korean parliament, the quorum required for all 300 seats in the 2/3. According to Yonhap news agency estimates, now a total of 172 of the opposition party and non party members to have a favorable attitude toward the impeachment of the president, this means also need 28 party members vote to promote impeachment matters. However, even if the impeachment case passed by Congress, the final need to be approved by the constitutional court ruling in order to formally enter into force, and the constitutional court hearing the longest up to 180 days. For the impeachment issue, Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo said 28 days, presidential impeachment is Congress, inconvenience comment. South Korea’s latest announcement相关的主题文章: