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Qigihar morning is spread nude book cover residents: look at new network in the Northeast – blush news network September 23rd 20 in the morning, Qigihar City, Mr. Cong as usual to Lonza market to buy food. I can just enter the morning, he saw a stall placed before a few of the "large scale" of the book. "The cover of the book are nude photos." Cong uncle said, the morning crowd, so the book can not fit to be seen, openly sold in a public occasion? The same day, the uncle plexus is reflected to the newspaper editorial department, I hope the relevant departments to give attention. The news material received after the plexus in the morning, uncle, reporters came to the city, the first hospital in the morning Lonza, not far from the parking field exit, found a place to spread the Cong said uncle. The operation of a variety of old and antique stall. In a corner booth, the reporter was surprised to see that there are 5 books printed on the cover of nude photos. The name of the book is called "flowers for spring", "human body photography appreciation", "charm" and so on. A few of the eye-catching picture attracted many people look askance. "Such indecent pictures of books sold in the market, it is not suitable." People said Mr. Guan, similar to the book, he is not the first time in the morning saw lonza. Every time you go here, he felt very not fit to be seen. Large scale of the cover image, but also to the public worried about the mental health of minors. "I sometimes take a grandson morning stroll, as long as the passing stalls, will take him to leave quickly!" An elderly aunt said. Vendors to sell books, should choose the positive, healthy, should not be in order to Bo eye, regardless of the moral bottom line!" During the interview, a citizen said. (Xu Jianing)相关的主题文章: