Qiu Wenhao $Chonggao oil price shock wave to lift the malaise of gold and silver-tda7294

Qiu Wenhao: $Chonggao gold and silver sluggish oil price shock wave difficult to lift Europe time concussion spot gold edged down, once fell $1320 to $1319.45 an ounce mark integer, because the Fed rate hike is expected to continue to heat up, the dollar index was ascribed to a record of more than two to 95.87 week highs, gold prices under pressure, but investors are still waiting for the later this week U.S. payrolls data, U.S. interest rates for timing cues; crude oil prices now maintain Chonggao trend, currently trading at around 47.4, but I think the above space is limited, Chinese decline of the three oil companies yield helped support prices, but the producers of frozen production are still uncertain on oil prices has been a drag on the market to stimulate, waiting for more data or messages. Although some of the gold traded fund outflows, but taking into account the current low interest rate environment and the negative rate of return, relatively speaking, investors still willing to hold gold. On Friday (September 2nd) the United States will be released in August non farm payrolls data and other economic data, these data may enhance the tough stance of Yellen and other fed officials. Although in the past two weeks Fed officials have issued a hawkish speech, the possibility of up to several weeks Fed rate hike is high, but the Fed is still dependent on the data to make a decision, so the payrolls data on Friday announced 20:30 will be the key direction; the non-agricultural population is expected in August will increase by 215 thousand, the 3 months of employment the average growth rate of 254 thousand. Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve on Friday at the annual meeting of the United States to increase the market for the fed in the coming weeks or months to raise the benchmark interest rate is expected to rise again. The Fed’s interest rate hike will push up the dollar exchange rate, the purchase of other currencies to buy U.S. dollar denominated crude oil costs will be higher, thus the demand for goods to be curbed, resulting in lower prices. In the next few weeks, important driving factors of crude oil prices will be an informal session of the OPEC will be held next month at the end of the. Since the officials from oil producing countries earlier this month that will be discussed measures to boost oil prices next month in recent weeks, traders are carefully worded producer officials. Gold: golden days in accordance with the basic idea of the author in the development of the disc short finished 1325 line down, Europe before oil prices fell below 1320 officially launched a callback, after a slight rebound in the price of gold is still around 1320; the daily tug, daily battle for more formal or not too much pull, the author also emphasized that the non-agricultural before we should not be too tangled gold trend, short-term shocks will continue; four hours gold short short dominant, and on the trajectory has been gradually downward after short-term entanglement test, but the evening is expected to step back to the overnight low, so the operation is recommended to take short. Operation strategy: Gold 1323 short, stop loss of 4 points, target 1315. Crude oil: after a day after the plate has finally sideways movement, and lackluster performance two days seems to pave the way for tomorrow’s EIA oil is slightly Chonggao slightly less than the single strength; running oil daily in MA5 MA1.相关的主题文章: