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Radiation-proof clothes baby top ten selection criteria – the Sohu in 2016 radiation-proof clothes in case the official release of the top ten rankings, Tim, leisure square, October mom, forest trees and other industries the old brand is still in the column. A lot of pregnant women have a doubt: these radiation suit ten ranking is based on what criteria selected? In this regard, the China Association for radiation protection released the ten major scoring standards for radiation suit. This official standard one: radiation protection material technology development technology is the support of brand competitiveness, influence of advanced technology of fabric, shielding effect, the production process produces the key. At present, there are many advanced technologies for the treatment of fabrics, such as nano silver ion vacuum high energy beam electroplating technology and so on. The silver fiber radiation-proof clothes for example, silver fiber fabric processing technology advantage can effectively improve the content of silver, and silver ion compound with fiber substrate adhesion, improve shielding effect, prolong the service cycle, after cleaning the attenuation rate is low. This official standard two: shielding value, shielding rate of pregnant women radiation-proof clothes as functional maternity dress, shielding value is an important reference standard of anti radiation suit quality. First of all, we first understand the problem: pregnant women shielding clothing shielding principle in the end is how. The shielding principle of stainless steel fiber fabric is a direct shield, rely mainly on stainless steel wire drawing and cotton weaving "metal" direct reflection of electromagnetic radiation. The reason why it can be directly reflected, because the metal mesh of the metal aperture than the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave is small, so the electromagnetic wave can not penetrate the radiation suit to reach the body. Silver fiber fabric shielding principle is based on the principle of absorption and absorption of silver, the absorption of electromagnetic radiation into heat and then back into the air. Shielding electromagnetic radiation is the metal fiber (silver is a special metal, where the metal fiber including the above two kinds of fiber fabrics), also said that the metal content can directly affect the shielding value. Pregnant women’s radiation suit is a specific metal fiber and ordinary fiber blend, when the shielding effectiveness of the metal fiber content has been improved, then the shielding value of this radiation suit is also increased. In general, the metal content in stainless steel fiber reached 30% can achieve the best shielding value, while the content of silver fiber is better. This official standard three: Life radiation-proof clothes price at least more than and 300 pieces, a dress is so expensive, its service life is very important for pregnant women. In Zhejiang quality supervision released the test report, 30% of the coating type of radiation protection clothing will be lost after the shielding effectiveness. That is, the previous coating type radiation protection clothing, wear for nearly ten months, can not wash once. With the radiation-proof clothes technology matures, the radiation-proof clothes can even wash hand wash. But even so, the shielding rate of modern anti radiation clothing will have different degrees of damage after each washing, reducing the service life of radiation protection clothing. Therefore, the stability of the cleaning efficiency is also listed as one of the standard. This official standard four: the comfort of any one wearing clothes need good comfort. Evaluation line for comfort相关的主题文章: