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Read: a former nanlihu Ding’an garden in wenbifeng wenbifeng door scene. Xinhua hair (Nansha Bei photo), the world is so big, I want to see……" Everybody has a go, free from outside the city, find your inner feelings, break through the barriers of pure impulse. Beside Haikou, then there is a garden, Ju Yipeng water, exile in the lake, with the passage of time, the heart will wash; twist a wisp of Xinxiang, send in the cloud, again in the depths of the world, the heart; at a landscape, wandering in the moonlight in Acacia Du keep the bitter winter, the lonely heart. To be so beautiful, it is better to see? Xianfeng asked pass heart light, through the ages — in memory of Fusi wenbifeng wenbifeng Vintage Front Gate momentum. Wang Wenjun photo wenbifeng originally called Jian Ling, is located about 20 kilometers southeast of Ding’an territory, an area of 3 square kilometers, 180 meters above sea level, the peak height of hundred meters. Many temples in the mountains, green waves rolling ups and downs, personally on the scene, give a person a kind of like a beauty. Wenbifeng garden. Xinhua Wang Wenjun photo site has more than ten temples, building a complete structure, distinctive style, the system, a complete highlight of the theme of the cultural characteristics of taoism. Taoist culture court is located in the wenbifeng mountain in the South Song Dynasty architectural style for the tone, combined with China of traditional architecture and Fengshui principle ring along the peak and built the architecture style, colorful murals, sculptures, caves to cultural landscape and the natural beauty embraced. With China traditional architectural style moon pavilion. hair (antelope wenbifeng photo) is not a simple scene, more important is its connotation, there are thousands of years of Chinese Taoist culture, with its broad mind, tranquil life style, influence and infection for people’s emotional world. Wenbifeng queqiao. Wang Wenjun photo to embrace the thin cool breeze, the lake of duckweed lay – Garden nanlihu nanlihu clear water. Wang Wenjun photo nanlihu formerly South Fu reservoir, located 30 km south of Ding’an County, the lake area of 12 square kilometers, a total capacity of 91 million 620 thousand cubic meters. Nanlihu is oxygen enriched type reservoir, lake water is clear, surrounded by forest surrounded by bamboo trees near the shore, and picturesque scenery, magnificent, quiet and elegant environment, mild climate, year-round to bath, suitable for fishing. Nanlihu on rippling. Wang Wenjun photo clear lake, is like a natural, without any carving round mirror, white clouds and sky drift and blue sky, outline a stunning, beautiful natural picture. Stroll in the lake, sometimes a few white crane descended, gliding across the water, in the mountains around, gently dancing light, calm and quiet down, as if the water this mountain is their exclusive world, an infinite longing. Nanlihu sunset. (Photo by Wu Mei) here the sunrise and sunset charming scenery, but also full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, refreshing, sunlight, this magic is also true. Into the lake, God is clear!相关的主题文章: