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Real Madrid first return! C Luo announced that the weekend will be the first exposure comeback – Sohu sports since the European Cup final injury, C Luo has been in recovery period. This weekend the Spanish fighting, according to "Marca" reported, C Luo has recovered from Qincheng, " > gaoqingtu: C Luo attended the conference experience with perfume Anshuang since the European Cup final back injury, C Luo has been in the stage of recovery. This weekend the Spanish fighting, according to "Marca" reported, C Luo Qincheng has recovered from this weekend, is expected to play in Real Madrid home court against Osasuna, this will be the Real Madrid star debut this season. "I feel good now," said C. "I’m going to play in the league this weekend." Once the C Luo in this weekend’s league play, will be C Ronaldo after the Champions League final, again after a lapse of 105 days for Real Madrid, C Ronaldo in the European Cup final in the left knee ligament injury, missed the first two rounds of La Liga, the European Super Cup and the world cup in the first round of the national team. "Marca" pointed out that although C Ronaldo could not catch up with the team training, but Zidane specifically for the development of a training program, C Luo recovers after it has been trying to prepare for the new season. It is reported that Zidane will let C Ronaldo in the match against Osasuna starting to play 1 hours for the next week to feel for the game, the Europa League against the Lisbon athletics team C Rome, he will get more playing time. This weekend the league is brilliant, in addition to see the return of C Luo, Manchester City Derby before the same concern, the fans will spend a happy football weekend. (Ma Di)相关的主题文章: