Reminder La Liga Season 3 Las Palmas League away win-didadi

Spanish reminder: Analysis: Las Palmas Season 3 league win La Liga football [] forecast start time: 2016-10-15 vs Palmas Spanish 02:45 injury summary: Spanish Spanish? The new aid Baptie J so far this season with 1 goals and 2 assists, and striker Moreno before the 7 round into the 4 ball, the team striker doing well. Analysis of hunting ball: FUN88 2.43 3.15 2.68 FUN88: first for the instant: 2.18 3.30 3.25 Lars Palmas? Lars Palmas before the season zhanba 7 recorded a record of 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats, ranked seventh in the league standings in the League Round at home court against the spaniards. Palmas? Has a unique geographical advantage, the city is located on the remote island of Spain, so the atmosphere is very warm home court, transmission control ability is the team the main characteristics of the ball pass rate and accuracy are the upstream level league. Silas? Last weekend in Palmas as a guest in a 2-2 draw with newly promoted Austrian Sassuna, suffered 3 consecutive round league tournament, the last 2 rounds were 2-2 score, the team morale hit. It is worth mentioning that the Las Palmas? This season 7 consecutive league scoring record has already this season, harvest 16 goals, visible team’s offensive ability, but the team’s recent poor record, nearly 3 wheel winless. ? from previous confrontation, the past 3 times in Las Palmas home court with Spanish recorded last season against the victory, even to 4-0 victory over Spain, visible has quite obvious advantage of home court palmas. ? as for the lineup, Lars Palmas has two strikers Jose and Vieira, last season, two of them were with 19 goals and 10 assists, is the biggest player in the team to upgrade. ? note that Lars Palmas in the season 3 Away League win, the team at the visible ability lacking, a round at Osasuna did not account for the advantage, even the two rivals fight broke. The first 7 rounds of the season? The Spaniard recorded a record of 1 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats, ranked seventeenth in La liga. Spanish? Perennial in the Spanish League ranked in the middle, belonging to relegation worries, but it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the team. Over the weekend at home court? To draw 0-0 with Villarreal, suffered 2 consecutive round league tournament. ? the last round of the Spanish home court to face the powerful Villarreal to obtain 1 points has been regarded as a good result, believe that such a draw can greatly enhance the confidence of the team, after all, 2 visiting Spain recently recorded 1 wins and 1 draws unbeaten, but the opponent is the Royal Society and the aosasuna strong Spanish team. As for the Spanish squad? This summer, from the Premiership giants Manchester City striker Demichelis, midfielder and striker Baptista Curtis purchased Fuego Tang, Jurado and other players from Valencia, signings)相关的主题文章: