Ren Zeping the impact of the National Day event analysis of real estate regulation on the stock mark guitarpro5

Ren Zeping: the real estate regulation on the stock market funds face good sina finance App analysis of the effect of national events: Live Online bloggers to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money [macro] Zeping during the National Day event analysis of the influence of the 20161009 macro weekly founder: founder Ren Zeping, Yang Weixiao macro review:   we forecast line prices doubled in 2015, September 2016 and that "this round of housing prices near the end, during the national day of the most stringent regulation of real estate intensive released. Real estate regulation on the stock market funds positive, the fundamentals of bad, some cyclical stocks under pressure, positive PPP and infrastructure. Residents purchase expenditure decreased positive dining, tourism and leisure, sports and entertainment, automotive, home appliances and other consumer sectors. Concerned about consumption, PPP, SOE reform and other topics. Real estate regulation to increase the downward pressure on the economy and inflation in the future, bad credit debt, positive interest rate debt, but monetary policy and the devaluation of the RMB devaluation pressure constraints bond market. Abstract: the international economy: IMF is expected in 2017 to accelerate global economic growth, the United States non-agricultural than expected, the dollar strengthened, gold pound fell. IMF world economic outlook report, expected this year’s global economic growth rate of 3.1%, 2017 is expected to increase to 3.4%; Chinese growth this year is expected to be 6.6%, fell to 6.2% in 2017; the next two years in India is expected to reach 7.6%, is the fastest growing major economy in the world; 2017 will experience China transformation in the bumps, fell sharply commodity prices, global financial conditions tighten, trade barriers increase, geopolitical tensions. September U.S. non farm employment population of 156 thousand, is expected to be 172 thousand, the former value of 151 thousand, the data is just good in November does not raise interest rates, interest rate hike in December. During the national day, the dollar index increased to 96.5, gold fell, by the hard off Europe is expected to affect the pound fell by the oil production agreement is expected to affect crude oil rose. Domestic economy: the end of the cycle of real estate regulation, increase the downward pressure on the medium-term economic. During the national day of the introduction of hot city intensive property market regulation and control, rapid cooling sales. Around the implementation of the latest spirit of the central, we judge the small real estate cycle tends to end, this round of rising prices nearing completion. A new round of real estate regulation is conducive to curb asset bubbles and financial risk prevention and control. Power generation and sales of construction machinery to maintain high, is expected to invest in real estate sales, PPP than expected to support the economy in the 4 quarter, but a new round of real estate regulation will increase the downward pressure on the economy in 2017. Vegetable prices fall, pork price decline slowed. 9 months of Mining Manufacturing PMI50.4, expected 50.4, continue to stand in the line ups and downs, the purchase price of raw materials, production, construction orders improved, mainly due to the real estate and infrastructure investment support. 1-8 months of above scale industrial enterprises profit growth of 8.4%, up 1.5 percentage point more than 1-7 months, an increase of 19.5% in August, up 8.5 percentage points higher than in July, the year the highest monthly growth, benefiting from demand pick up, PP on相关的主题文章: