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The daily news gaosongzhuan time window for only one week: the 20 companies with the most potential – Sohu securities gaosongzhuan A-share market has been A enduring topic, with the disclosure in the peak, mid transfer plan also show, gaosongzhuan hype has gradually become a new round of upsurge. While the medium listed companies transfer program is generally not later than reported in disclosure time window only last week’s case, there may be implemented gaosongzhuan company more valuable. (OK, spoilers ahead, at the end of the paper, there are 20 companies list) 1 year interim gaosongzhuan: the number is not enough, the proportion for the listed companies in recent years, both the number of transfer medium, or the proportion of the overall increased year by year trend, the situation reached a peak in 2015. This year, the situation may change as a result of the shift in cattle ownership and tighter regulation. Data show that this year has launched the interim dividend plan of the company is 44, the middle of last year was 172 cumulative. Even considering the factors at the end of August intensive disclosure, but is expected in mid 2016 for a number of companies of stock dividend is still difficult to exceed 2015. Perhaps to prevent gaosongzhuan hype, regulators to strengthen the monitoring, the mid year gaosongzhuan may cool slightly. Today (August 24th), the Shenzhen stock exchange for the two century cruise, hingsen technology company issued letters of concern, asked the two companies to make corresponding explanation to the launch of the "10 Zhuanzeng 20" plan, and explain the self gaosongzhuan motivation behind the plan, before the research institutions and insider information insider stock trading etc.. However, although this may be less than the number of years, but the proportion is not inferior, the highest proportion has also reached 1:3, and last year flat. But as of now 1:0.5 the lowest conversion ratio is likely to raise the annual transfer limit. Moreover, even in the middle of this year to turn the number of companies have declined, may also only last year, the second highest level in history.相关的主题文章: