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"Residence permit regulations" promulgated Laijingrenyuan that can apply for a residence permit – Beijing, JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chang Xin) yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments to develop the "Beijing temporary residence registration and residence rules (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" promulgated, 346) the household registration police station in Beijing city from October 1st onwards accepting the application for a residence permit in Beijing city. It is reported that since October 1st, the city public security organs 346 household registration police station will formally accept Laijingrenyuan to apply for a residence permit in Beijing city; in October 8th, by the public security organs entrusted by the 346 floating population and rental housing service station will come for temporary registration, and Beijing city residence registration card, the card will be Laijingrenyuan has been declared a temporary registration certificate. In accordance with the implementing rules, the district public security organs shall be responsible for the audit of identity information to apply for a residence permit, temporary residence in Beijing information, report card information, questionable documents to prove the material to the administrative department in charge of the police station transmitting, the residence permit the acceptance of applications for issuance, replacement, change, endorsement, alteration or cancellation of such certificate management, flow tube station be responsible for the registration and declare temporary residence registration cards, endorsement, replacement, renewal, alteration and cancellation etc.. Industry and commerce, Construction Committee, planning, education and other departments, but also in accordance with the implementation details, responsible for reviewing the relevant materials. Come in to declare temporary registration, apply for Beijing residence permit and for the change, endorsements and other procedures, shall be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the submitted documents to prove that the. For the first time to receive the registration card of residence in Beijing City, Beijing city to apply for a residence permit, waive the fee for documents, registration card, card endorsements, Beijing residential change procedures without charge of residence in Beijing City, Beijing city for replacement, residence permit shall pay the fee for documents. The specific charging method shall be formulated by the municipal finance department and the competent pricing department. The implementation of rules, in the existing in the work of fraud, breach of privilege, bribery and other acts, shall be given an administrative sanction by their units or the supervisory organ; constitutes a crime, shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law. Specific details of the implementation details, to the capital window website. Residence registration card to Beijing within 3 days in accordance with the detailed rules for the implementation of the provisions, Laijingrenyuan shall reach the city within 3 days from the date to the local flow tube station to declare temporary registration, receive residence registration card. In addition to declare temporary registration identity card or booklet and other relevant proof of identity, but also provide proof of residence in Beijing, and submit my recent 1 inch bareheaded color photos 1. Declaration should fill in the "temporary population registration form", if provided documents, proof of complete, can be issued on the spot residence registration card. Temporary residence registration required to submit proof of residence, divided into 4 cases. Owned housing to provide proof of real estate or real estate warrants, if does not have these two documents, to provide the commercial housing sales contracts signed. Rental personnel to provide a valid lease contract, there is also a detailed address of the housing, the lessor and the lessee on both sides of the name, lease term, etc.. Living or staying personnel to provide a homeowner or head of the host or by.相关的主题文章: