[results] HSBC’s performance is stable. We should pay attention to HSBC’s 25253, HSBC’s 26406 and HS-pgd-426

[method] HSBC card tracking results by the steady, pay attention to the purchase of 25253, HSBC HSBC HSBC, the purchase of 26406 sell 25726 Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Hong Kong level2 market through Hong Kong stocks rebound mechanism cards this morning, HSBC (00005-HK) this morning, roughly by the steady, maintain the good in the early above the level of 50 yuan. HSBC announced earlier that it will retain its headquarters in London, the market will focus on the bank will be announced today’s final performance, and HSBC shares in recent years also rebounded from the low of nearly seven years, 50 yuan level or building is to support. Although the market generally HSBC shares no expectations, but because of HSBC’s share price over a period of time to adjust after the publication of many, such as the results may not be too bad, or have the opportunity to eliminate uncertainties; but investors should also worry if performance is unsatisfactory, the stock price may also return to soft, or make preparations reference. The flow of funds, more than 350 million yuan in HSBC yesterday into the subscription card, want to make short-term investors such as performance deployment, or a reference price, the actual higher leverage choice, and pay attention to the purchase of HSBC (25253-HK), the exercise price of 58.55 yuan, 8 month due 16 years, the actual lever 10.2 times. Implied volatility 29.3%. If investors want to deploy the central line, or consider outside the price range is small, but the actual leverage is lower choice, and pay attention to HSBC purchase (26406-HK), the exercise price of 52.80 yuan, 16 years in October maturity, actual leverage 6.8 times, extension amplitude 30.6%. If that HSBC is still risk adjustment, such as bearish or considering HSBC Gu (25726-HK), the exercise price of 50 yuan, 16 years expires in September, 4.4 times the actual leverage, volatility 32.4%. Disclaimer: this information is published by the Bank of Paris, Hongkong, France, and does not constitute any proposal, invitation, offer or lobbying for structured products. Structured products have no collateral, such as insolvency or default of the issuer or guarantor, and investors may not be able to recover part or all of the receivables. Structured products prices may rise or fall sharply, investors will suffer losses or completely. When investors buy, they depend on the reputation of the issuer and the guarantor. The past performance of assets does not reflect future performance. The bear and bear certificate may be terminated early due to the mandatory redemption mechanism, and (I) the N bears will not receive any amount of money; (II) the surplus value of the R bears may be zero. Investors should carefully review the basic listing documents (including the addendum to the basic listing documents) and supplement the relevant risks and details of the structured products in the listing documents, assess the risks themselves and consult the professional opinions. France Paris securities (Asia) Limited for the circulation amount of structured products provider, may also be the only market participants. Paris securities (Asia) Co., Ltd., Paris Bank of France, Hongkong branch and its Associated company do not make any statements or guarantees on the structural products: (I) whether the listed companies can be listed on the listed day; and (II) the amount of circulation after the listing. Enter Sina Financial shares

【法証追纵】汇丰业绩前靠稳,留意汇丰购25253、汇丰购26406、汇丰沽25726 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌 港股今早止跌回升,重磅股汇丰(00005-HK)今早大致靠稳,早段保持在50元水平以上向好。汇丰早前宣布将总部保留在英国伦敦后,市场将焦点转至关注银行将於今日公布的末期业绩,而汇丰股价近期亦由近七年的低位反弹,50元水平或正修建为支持。 市场虽然普遍对汇丰股价未有期望,不过由於汇丰股价在过去一段时间调整不少,如公布后的业绩未必太差,或有机会消除不明朗因素;但投资者亦要担心如业绩未如理想,股价亦可能有再回软的可能,两手准备或可作参考。 资金流方面,逾350万元资金选择在上周五流入汇丰认购证,投资者如想作短线业绩部署,或可参考较价外、实际槓桿较高的选择,並留意汇丰购(25253-HK),行使价58.55元,16年8月到期,实际槓桿10.2倍,引伸波幅29.3%。投资者如想作中线部署,或可考虑价外幅度较少,但实际槓桿较低的选择,並留意汇丰购(26406-HK),行使价52.80元,16年10月到期,实际槓桿6.8倍,引伸波幅30.6%。 如担心汇丰仍有调整风险,如看淡或可考虑汇丰沽(25726-HK),行使价50.00元,16年9月到期,实际槓桿4.4倍,引伸波幅32.4%。 免责声明: 本资料由法国巴黎银行香港分行刊发,其並不构成任何建议、邀请、要约或游说买卖结构性產品。结构性產品並无抵押品,如发行人或担保人无力偿债或违约,投资者可能无法收回部份或全部应收款项。结构性產品价格可急升或急跌,投资者或会蒙受全盘损失。投资者购买时,所依赖的是发行人及担保人的信誉。有关资產过往表现並不反映将来表现。牛熊证备有强制赎回机制而可能被提早终止,届时 (i) N类牛熊证投资者将不获发任何金额;而(ii) R类牛熊证之剩余价值可能为零。投资者应仔细查阅基本上市文件(包括基本上市文件增编)及补充上市文件內有关结构性產品之相关风险及详情,自行评估风险,並諮询专业意见。法国巴黎证券(亚洲)有限公司为结构性產品之流通量提供者,亦可能是其唯一巿场参与者。法国巴黎证券(亚洲)有限公司、法国巴黎银行香港分行及其联属公司均不对结构性產品: (i) 能否於预定上市日上市; 及(ii)其上市后之流通量,作出任何声明或保证。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: