Return peak subway station refund will be half an hour cattle – Shaanxi took the opportunity

Return peak subway station refund will be half an hour   cattle – Shaanxi took the opportunity to discount acquisition channel — original title: return peak subway station refund will be half an hour to buy cattle discount yesterday Beijing four train station began to usher in the return peak. All day long is expected to return to Beijing more than 550 thousand people, the number of Beijing in the National Day period for the first time in more than a number of beijing. Shenyang, Ji’nan, Xi’an Railway Bureau have additional trains to send visitors to beijing. Yesterday, the four largest train station in Beijing to train 40, respectively for Harbin and Guangzhou etc.. Today, the train station the return peak will continue, mainly in the short. Compared with the other train station, high-speed railway stations Beijing South Railway Station will usher in a large number of return flow. Newspaper reporter Wang Wei / text / National Day holiday near the end of the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station ushered in a busy scene. A lot of tourists to travel to Beijing for convenience, traffic card, municipal transportation card, and then apply for the refund at the end of the holiday before. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday in the Beijing Railway Station subway station visits found the back of the card window lined up hundreds of meters long, four or five acquisition of traffic card cattle fled, many anxious passengers and cattle trading, traffic card discount card collection to sell cattle. Beijing subway service hotline staff suggested that cattle can encounter direct alarm. The subway station near the back of the card window hundreds of metres long and traffic stop between cordoned off yesterday at noon, the sky cloudy, occasionally falling rain, but the rainy day did not stop people from Beijing to Beijing’s footsteps. It can be seen from the train arrival schedule in Beijing Railway Station that a train arrives here every few minutes. Originating from Anshan train 2550 arrive in Beijing at 12:10, 7 minutes from Shenyang. The D12 train will stop, the crowd is not completely streams of people busily coming and going out of the station, Qigihar T40 train passengers will arrive at 12:22. On the other side of the square in front of the train station, the ticket office is in the direction of the Beijing Railway Station subway station, leaving Beijing tourists at the back of the card window lined up, waiting for the return of the traffic card. Armband two wearing safety inspection staff in the subway traffic stop and return the card the middle passenger cordoned off. One of the staff confirmed to the BMC reporters, usually occasionally lined up in such a long line, also do not need to pull the cordon, but since the beginning of October 1st has been the case, and this left Beijing tourists come to return the card is not Never mind. It is not difficult to see, at the back of the card of the passengers, most of them are ready to leave Beijing tourists, most of them with a suitcase and other belongings, back end card directly after the train return. A visitor told reporters BYD, because they do not know what time you come to Beijing next time, so the traffic card is placed in the body also not what, not retreat is wasted. Since the subway station is only open a card back window, waiting for the card back to the growing team. Simple estimates, from the end of the team to successfully handle the refund card, about half an hour. Until 13:20 or so, the subway station and opened a new card back window, but the subway has not been widely informed, the相关的主题文章: