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The Rosetta comet probe into space 12 years journey end point (Figure) – approximation of the European space agency scientists Sohu news excitedly looking forward to the climax, nervous, excited, and a little sad, they follow the Rosetta 12 years, helplessly send it to "kill the road". The European Space Agency Rosetta project leader Taylor admits he was stimulated. "In the course of Rosetta’s fall, we will follow its eyes into the regions of human beings that have never entered". In the last few hours, most of the instrument Rosetta wore will be lit, the nearest shooting mound stay Karimov comet scene, Rosetta will smell the smell of gas, comet Char Qing Churyumov temperature, clear his gravity. It is understood that Rosetta action plan began in 1993, aims to understand the formation of the solar system. To understand this, it is very important to find out the comet that appeared in the universe 4 billion 500 million years ago, and it is still in space. They faithfully carry valuable information about the early days of the solar system, and perhaps clues to the origin of life. That’s why scientists keep staring at the comet. Although the whole project, which cost 1 billion 400 million euros, has been well received, the vast amount of information it receives will allow scientists to look into the future for decades. Rosetta’s journey also appeared some twists and turns, in September 2014, "to the orbit around the Rosetta probe successfully entered the" Chu Liu Mov Grajimek "the comet, it carries the Philae lander on November 12, 2014, historic boarded the comet. However, after July 2015 there is no Philae any movement. Launched in 2004, now Rosetta has flown 7 billion kilometers, August 2014, Chu left Karimov – Glasgow Simmons g comet with it, but now, the comet flew farther and farther, farther away from the sun. Rosetta body with sun light, but large, now, it’s enough to use energy more and more. Then, decision of the European Space Agency, while they can control it, let it slide into the Churyumov comets, this is actually a Dutch act, but not the command of scientists, not to comet sampling. Rosetta’s last performance took place at a distance of 700 million kilometers from earth. Local time on the evening of 29, the international standard time 20:50, Rosetta Churyumov distance of 19 kilometers, it ignited carry their own driver, into a can put it into direct and mound stay Karimov comets orbit in three minutes. It drops very slowly, falling for 14 hours. At first, it dropped by 30 millimeters per second. And then, because of the gravity of the comet, it speeds up to 90 millimeters per second, or about 3.2 kilometers per hour, which is the speed of a walker. Scientists try to control Rosetta, let it hit the floor of the impact is not too large, the impact of the smaller the better, the impact of landing time is 10:40 international standard time on Friday, Paris time 12:40. Then, 40 minutes later, the European space.相关的主题文章: