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A Russian Foreign Ministry website was hacked: Russia or for the United States launched Sohu – Xinhua news agency in Moscow in October 23 Xinhua (reporter Luan Hai) Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va 23, confirmed that a "old" website of the Russian Foreign Ministry recently hacked. According to Russian media reports, the Russian Foreign Ministry official website all normal. Reporter test results show that the Russian Foreign Ministry official website browsing and query functions are no exception. According to voice of Moscow Radio 23 reported that the U.S. hacker alias "clown" on the day of the American media claimed that they seem to "break" the Russian Foreign Ministry website, but did not explain what caused damage. The hacker also claimed that this is to warn Russia not to try to influence the U.S. internal affairs through cyber attacks". Zaha Lo Va on the same day in his face book on the personal home page, said the foreign hackers did not break the Russian Foreign Ministry website, its behavior caused by the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs for a long time not use the site failure. She also said that this kind of hacker attacks are not new, since 2013, the Russian Foreign Ministry website attacked the increase in the number of times, but the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official website has been working. Zaha Lo Va said that Russia’s network security experts are analyzing the hacker clown who and what kind of attack behavior. She said that the attack may belong to the U.S. Vice President Biden said the Russian attack on the network, it may be a candidate for the U.S. presidential election campaign launched by the Russian provocation. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence office earlier this month identified Russia authorization and help us network hacking, to influence the American presidential election. Biden, vice president of the United States, 14, confirmed that the Russian secret network will be launched secretly. Russia’s allegations against the United States denied, and said it would respond to the U.S. cyber attacks against Russia plan. (end)相关的主题文章: