Samsung Galaxy note 7 and the explosion was the explosion of a car-easeljs

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and in case of explosion this fried is a car Sina mobile phone news on September 9th morning news, two days before the foreign media reports Samsung Note 7 bombings, originally thought that after the Samsung Note 7 will "learn", but this time the Samsung also hit the battery. According to foreign media reports, the U.S. state of Florida Nathan Dornacher users use the Samsung Note 7 explosion, too horrible to look at the picture. From the upload of the video, the car comprises a steering wheel, instrument panel, has changed dramatically, if not someone told the truth seems more like a hail of bullets was over. It is reported that the cause of the explosion inside the car because the user of the Samsung Note7 in the car charging, came back to find his car has been bogged down in flames. Dornacher subsequently issued a "state that you don’t believe Note7 is caused by the tragedy in the face of the book, but all the signs point to the Samsung Note7, Samsung has contacted me, but never call back, is a lawyer!" After the event, Samsung said it would investigate the matter with the local media and users, and promised to do everything for Mr. Dornacher. Currently, Samsung admits Note 7 battery presence, has announced a global recall. However, it should be noted that in the recall, the Chinese version is not in the recall list. Samsung said the Chinese version and the global version of the use of different processors, and therefore better compatibility with the battery. However, after Samsung battery explosion case one after another, domestic users can really "unbridled" buy? (Regal)相关的主题文章: