Sanmenxia drunk driver drove on the track was stuck in the rail rear overhead (video)-e2140

Sanmenxia drunk driver drove on the track was stuck in the rail rear overhead Washington "is not good, a van on the railroad card!" October 20th midnight, in the vicinity of Mianchi County West church South Railway Culvert, a van stuck. After receiving the alarm, Mianchi County Public Security Bureau Special patrol police rushed to the scene. At the scene, a silver van inserted in the horizontal railway intermediate shaft, van card on the rail, the car has two wheels overhead. It is understood that the railway is the meaning of coal railway freight lines, freight trains from time to time will have to move out of the railway as soon as possible. When the police to the driver to understand the situation, the driver found the red face, body exudes alcohol. The police were pushing the van, while leveraging the wood wheels, but the car is still unable to move. Police immediately report to the 110 command center, notify the fire department to use professional tools to the scene to rescue. The fire department through expansion clamp the first body open, police were also filled with stone below the wheel, after more than and 20 minutes of intense rescue, and finally the car moved off the rails. The county traffic police brigade four squadron of police on duty to use alcohol breath tester detected alcohol on the driver, the driver found belongs to driving a motor vehicle after drinking, ordered them back to the traffic police brigade dealt with according to law. According to reports, the driver surnamed Li, who lives in a village in the town, driving home after drinking the night, because of the unfamiliar city on the road, accidentally broke into the railway, causing the car front wheel stuck, he tried several times to the railway car out to no avail, to seek help to the surrounding residents, the people hurried to the police for help. (Zhang Wenxi Duan Huafeng) (West Line) video: "before the pit lord grandpa grandson said police drunk driving every day Henan recommended: [beat solicitation] to set the memory of the old building for Zhengzhou (source network) the old buildings in Zhengzhou has a long history, through the reduction of old photographs of the old king, to record the traditional beauty, arouse the youth memory. Look for the old buildings that are still there, and record what they look like now! For specific information please click the > > [truth] have you met the "supernatural" _ __________. In life we all have an invisible secret, an irreversible regret, an impossible dream and an unforgettable love. Daily topic, invite you to "wave"! "Truth big adventure" column address > >相关的主题文章: