Second tier cities to restart the purchase is not the end of the introduction of the king’s policy c vidown

Second tier cities to restart the purchase is not the end of the introduction of the king of the policy conditions overnight, regulation overwhelmed the stock market has become the main tone of the current real estate market. In Hefei, Suzhou, Nanjing to restart the implementation of the real estate purchase, credit limit measures after August 31st, Xiamen city government issued a series of documents, restart the purchase as the core to stabilize the real estate market in the city within the limits of the policy means. "King" and the high price of land transactions, has become the trigger of the local market regulation policy guidance conditions. "Since the meeting of the Political Bureau bulletin, including the suppression of asset bubbles since the" Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of land and resources and other relevant departments, the phenomenon of great concern to the land market price, and the countermeasures. "King" is becoming the local government to avoid the forbidden area". Beijing, the capital of the land market has been a few months to maintain a silent transaction, and after the emergence of high land prices in Shanghai, but also the introduction of the introduction of local real estate tightening policy. "King" is becoming a "mine"". The second tier city and led a purchase climax led by Beijing, the situation is different, when the time into 2016, led by the local version of the control policies, a large city, in order to change the second tier city. Following the introduction of Suzhou to limit the purchase, limited to the core of the local version of the credit policy, Xiamen follow up, but also introduced the Xiamen local property market regulation policy. In August 31st, the Xiamen municipal government issued a document, from September 5th onwards, to have two or more housing city residence households "has 1 or more housing units and non city residence of the family" and "can not provide the date of purchase before 2 years in the city for more than 1 years of continuous monthly pay personal income tax or social insurance certificate of non city residence households, suspended sales of 144 square metres of housing. This policy is valid for 1 and a half years, by the end of 2017 to see the market situation, and then decide whether to continue, mainly in order to implement the central spirit, to ensure the stability of the real estate market." August 31st at noon, a person in charge of housing and urban rural development office, Fujian Province, told the China business reporter. In Xiamen, the same as the second city of Suzhou, has launched the first local property market regulation policy to purchase credit limit as the core, again to restart the purchase of the policy, and in the process of land transactions, the introduction of circuit breakers, in the land of the highest price still has two or more housing prices quoted. The way to produce Yaohao winner. Nanjing, Hefei in the same period also introduced the stability of the local real estate market measures, improve the first housing and the two set and more housing loans Shoufu ratio. The purchase is one of the core measures". "In the regulation of the property market to a climax, the most first-tier cities and a considerable proportion of the second tier city, according to the Ministry of housing requirements, formulate the restriction measures, now the regulatory policy, which is still the control means of the city of Beijing at the time, only the cycle, so that the standards are different." China Real Estate Development Research Institute analyst Shang Yongbin said. Wang on the control of the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of land and other relevant departments of the central相关的主题文章: