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Section three report: two pairs of binary 20+ 90-85 rocket harden Thunder Thunder – Sports Sohu Beijing time on November 17th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Houston Rockets game at Oklahoma city. After the three quarter, thunder 85-90 behind the rockets. Harden Westbrook pass put the first section, the thunder team showed a strong desire to win, Adams, Robson has succeeded to attack inside, Westbrook assists oladipo hit the jumper and thunder 6-0 lead. Harden layup moving into the net, but did not help the Rockets to stop bleeding, thereafter, Westbrook in the lead, the thunder also played a small climax, will be widened to two bits. But the middle section, Haddon continuous sent pass, help the Rockets will be close to. Dekker three points into the net, the Rockets trailed by only 3 points. After the two teams fall into the seesaw. Kanter throws the net difference to 10 points. But soon, Dekker three points again, Breuer sudden strong layup, the Rockets will lead the chase back. Harden foul free throws, the first section after the thunder, 38-32 lead. Single, Wei Shao and Harden were sent 4 times and 5 assists. Harden offense pengci blocked the second section, the Rockets an advantage in the replacement of the competition, Breuer, Dekker, et al. Continuous score, after a wave of 9-0 has been the go ahead score. Seeing the situation unfavorable, Westbrook sit still, he returned to the market, and quickly with a jumper and two attack scored 4 points to help stabilize the situation in the thunder. Since then, harden is back, two teams into a fierce tug of war. The end of this section, within two successive with the basket, and the thunder side, Westbrook fouls two free throws, half finished, rocket temporarily behind 63-65. Two pairs of binary 20+ thunder harden easy side battles, a rocket attack in the series fully open, harden, Ariza, Anderson, Gordon has cut away, thus making an 14-5 run score counter ultra. After the game, the Rockets playing along, harden pass Anderson three points into the net, the difference has been widened to 10 points. Oladipo fast break dunk, the thunder will help to bite the score. But then, harden three pointer hit the target, the difference back to two digits, at this time, the beard has also sent two pairs. However, the thunder bench playing very tenacious, Grant hit three points, Ola Po layup, the three day after the thunder 85-90, behind the rocket. The Rockets starting lineup: Ariza, Gordon, James, Ryan Anderson, Cappella thunder starting lineup: Westbrook, Ola Po, Sabonis, Robson, Adams (Poirot)相关的主题文章: