See the most beautiful sunset in the world in Santorini-cagliari exchange

In Santorini to see the world’s most beautiful sunset in the book to see such a sentence: to love the people, in Santorini to see the world’s most beautiful sunset. [Kastro Oia] is Santorini Island, OIA EA at sunset restaurant best position. Tourists from all over the world are attracted, only to enjoy the best Mediterranean delicacy, taste the most delicious wine, enjoy the most beautiful sunset oia. Enjoy the best Mediterranean Cursine… In the beautiful Oia sunset most location! The Kastro meal must advance reservations. But the restaurant only accept reservations.   I’m sorry if I don’t have a reservation.   there are visitors into the restaurant, see the empty seat, sit down, I’m sorry, the boss is gone.   it’s almost impossible to get empty seats because they are booked in advance. Greek Kitchen,   Unique Aegean View! The kitchen smell of seafood barbecue flavor, full of temptation. After the Greek delicacy, already amazing taste buds. The sea breeze blowing, like a lover’s hands, gentle and beautiful. Aegean Sea sunset, unique, shocked. When the smell, taste, touch, vision, was sacked. Tell me that I’m in love with you. Beacon Tower is always full of people, for the world’s most beautiful sunset.   more than eight points, sunset staged. Gathered here, are intoxicated with such scenery, night fell, are reluctant to disperse.   I just want to want to drink a little wine, with a sweet mood, walking in the streets of small shops Yiya a superb collection of beautiful things, each encounter a warm smile. Deep in the night, I was still wandering around, suddenly attracted by a "rent a cat" sign. Walked in to find that this is a home bookstore. This is not just a bookstore, it is: the world’s ten largest independent bookstore. This bookstore is a wonderful place, like Harry Potter’s magic, I was deeply attracted.     I like the music, the lights, the layout, the words on the wall, the owner…… This is Craig, american.   in 2002, he and his friends came to EA on vacation.   maybe there’s no one here.相关的主题文章: