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With fall here it is time to start thinking about selecting the right self-storage unit for RV storage. Its always sad to pack up the trailer and say goodbye to another year of camping. However, choosing the right self-storage unit for winter storage now will mean that you can rest assured that your vehicle is secure, properly maintained and cared for over the winter months and will be in good condition for you to use once the good weather returns. What to Look For in a Self-Storage Facility There are a number of self-storage facilities to choose from, all with different features and prices. So what should you be looking for? You will want to consider whether: The facility is close to your home. You want to ensure that you dont have to drive a long way to pick up your trailer or drop off it off, especially if you are already doing a lot of driving with your RV The facility has flexible hours. Ideally it would be nice to find a facility that will offer you access 24/7 so that you can get into your trailer whenever you need to. However you may not be able to find a facility that is open 24/7 and is close to home. If this is the case then keep the hours they are open in mind and consider your schedule. You dont want a facility that is only open when you are at work, or that you cant get in to on public holidays The facility is secure. You want to ensure that your RV is safe during the winter months. The type of security that is offered at self-storage facilities varies, so you want to take your time and research all the options. Some security features to look for include: o24/7 video surveillance oElectronic gates oAlarm systems oGood lighting for outdoor storage areas oStaff who are on-site and perform security checks oIndividual unit alarms (often optional and sometimes an extra charge applies for this feature) Winter maintenance is offered. If you are storing your RV outside you want to consider what types of winter maintenance are available. Winter maintenance is sometimes included with outdoor storage options and includes services such as snow removal from vehicles The cost is within your budget. You want to ensure that you find the best services you can afford. A benefit to self-storage is that the fees are often cheaper than fees at RV parks. However, in general the more a self-storage space offers, the more expensive the fees. Ensure that you balance the costs with the perks that you need and dont compromise on the must haves like security You should take your time selecting the right self-storage unit for RV storage. You want to consider what features are nice to haves and what features are must haves and then weigh the costs of what is available against your budget. About the Author: #10 Mini Storage is a family owned and operated storage business that has offered residential and commercial storage options since 1977, including furniture storage, household items, self-storage buildings, office equipment and files, inventory, contractor materials, car, RV storage. We have an outstanding reputation for offering secure, clean self-storage facilities to customers in Brampton, Caledon. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-Improvement – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: