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UnCategorized On average, the venue rental fee accounts for at least one-fourth of the total costs of weddings. Of course, it will all depend on the location (such as a wedding venue in Melbourne), type and quality of venue. For instance, if the venue is in a five-star hotel, the venue rental fee alone could account for at half of the total budget. If it is an all-inclusive venue, the percentage of cost could be more than fifty percent of the total cost of the wedding. Hence, choosing the venue is a crucial decision to make not only on the part of the wedding planner but more importantly on the part of the couples who are about to be wed. Factors to consider Aside from budgetary limitations, many other factors should be taken into careful considerations. Among the most important factors to consider when choosing a venue for wedding ceremony or reception is the cultural factor. This includes the religious beliefs and the ethnic background of the couple who will tie the knot. For instance, many of those of choose church wedding ceremonies also choose the social hall of the church wherein they are wed as the venue. This is typically a more economically practical option because the use of church social halls is usually for very minimal fees and sometimes it could also be used for free. This is also very practical in terms of transportation cost because the guests who such wedding ceremony do not need to travel far. Church social or multi-purpose halls are typically located within the church .pound. Another very important factor to consider when choosing a wedding venue is the environmental sustainability of the venue. For example, if a venue is not well-lit by natural light or not well-ventilated, it cannot be considered as a ‘green’ venue. This type of venue typically requires more energy because of the greater need for air conditioning and artificial lighting. As a result, the rental fees for this type of venue are also sometimes higher .pared to open air venues. All-inclusive services The economic practicality of choosing a venue can be further optimized if the .anization or business entity that is operating the venue also offers all-inclusive services such as wedding photography, food catering, bar-tending, entertainment and event management. The fee might be higher than normal fees for simple venue rental but the convenience that it could bring is oftentimes priceless. In some cases, couples can save more when choosing venues that have all-inclusive services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: