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Arts-and-Entertainment Famous American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson told us about the beauty of flowers when he said, "Earth laughs in flowers". Importance of flowers is known to us all. But can they also change a day? Flowers have always been a symbol of love, beauty and affection. We all know what effect a flower can have on us when we are angry with someone and that person sends us a lovely bouquet with a sweet little note asking for forgiveness. Flowers are also a visual expression of sympathy, and respect. They convey the feeling of lending support and sharing the burden of grief. This is the reason they are also used in funerals. The life of flowers is fleeting. They attest to the transitory life of man. Capital city of Delhi celebrates all the emotions with flowers. Hence, online flower delivery in Delhi is more and more popular. People in Delhi love to send and receive flowers on all occasions and to express all kind of emotions. .ing back to our question Can they change a day? Yes they can. For years, people have talked about merits of having flowers at homes and workplaces. They create a soothing environment that smells of positivity. Flowers have the power to freshen up our mood instantly. The sight of a beautiful bouquet makes us smile and gives us a feeling of love. When we smell it, the stimulating fragrance makes us optimistic. It gives us hope for the rest of the day. Satisfaction levels can increase tremendously if you keep a flower-pot in your house and nurture it every day. When someone gifts you flowers, you immediately feel connected to the person and experience happiness. Using them as decorations in offices, flowers can create a good working environment. Looking at them will keep you relaxed and further, you feel motivated towards good work. There is no person on this planet who would not feel happiness in his/her heart at the sight of a flower blooming. Your day brightens up when someone sends you flowers, because flowers indeed are a thoughtful choice. A person really likes you and wants to see you smile if he/she is sending you these ephemeral, allusive and symbolic objects. We all know that plants and flowers produce oxygen, which improves the air quality. So, more the flowers and plants around you, the healthier you will feel. Anxiety levels go down drastically by smelling flowers and looking at them every morning. In a busy city like Delhi, where oodles of pollution is created every day, flowers and greenery are imperative to improve the environment. Therefore, online flower delivery in Delhi is a great idea to keep your loved ones healthy and smiling. There are certain flowers that are medicinal and can bring joy, peace and positive attitude to our life. Also, the color of a flower can lift your mood like magic. Red, orange and yellow flowers would bring a feeling of excitement with them, while greens and blues can make you calm and .posed even in the worst of situations. The beauty of flowers can stir the creative energies inside you. Flowers can also change your feelings towards others. You will be more .passionate if you’re in a room that has flowers. Simply put, adding flowers to your life in any form can directly improve your life in different ways including environmentally, physically, emotionally and financially. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: