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September CPI today announced  , or 4 consecutive months at the time of the – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: CPI today announced a gain of for the past 4 consecutive months or at the time of the 1 CPI chart. From the National Bureau of statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics today announced the September consumer price index (CPI). Many institutions predict that the impact of the base reasons, in September CPI may rise, but is expected to continue to stay in the 1 era". CPI operation is expected to be basically stable in the fourth quarter, prices may rise slightly uplift. September CPI is expected to continue in the 1 era National Bureau of statistics data show that in August CPI rose by 1.3%, down sharply from the previous month by 0.5 percentage points, a record low since last year in October (1.3%). For the upcoming September CPI, the market is expected to rise will continue to stay in the 1 era". According to the Ministry of agriculture monitoring, thirty-eighth weeks in 2016 (-25 September 19, 2016), the average price of pork per kilogram of $24.70, down by 1.2%, compared with a high of 2.8%, the average price of vegetables fell slightly. Focus on monitoring the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables per kilogram of $3.84 for the second consecutive week, fell slightly, the chain fell by 2.3%, compared with a high of $8.5%. Washington reporter combing found that market institutions generally predicted by the same period last year, the impact of low base, in September of this year, CPI may rise last month rebounded. Bank chief economist Lian Ping told reporters on the new site, almost zero due to the same period last year the price of vegetables rose, which in September this year, food prices rose significantly larger than last month, September CPI growth is expected to be between 1.4%-1.9%, taking the value of 1.6%. CICC also forecast September CPI rose 1.6%, Everbright Securities and other institutions of the forecast value of $1.7%, China Merchants Securities, the first venture and other institutions forecast value of 1.8%. It should be noted that, if these institutions predict cash, CPI rose for 4 consecutive months in the era of the 1". The fourth quarter of the price increase may be a slight uplift for the future price trend, Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun told reporters on the new site, with the autumn harvest of agricultural products, supply is not large, the price is expected to remain stable, does not appear large fluctuations. Judging from the current situation, the price is likely to fall further is not great, because some raw material prices have begun to rise, the future will be transmitted to the consumer goods field. NBS spokesman Sheng Yun analysis in September 13th at a press conference, from the second half of the trend, the consumer price index remained stable overall situation. From the price of food, into the winter, especially the holiday effect, will result in the three or four quarter, especially the four quarter, rising food prices, the probability of a little, the CPI relatively have a try for. "In August, the rate of increase in CPI is likely to be low during the year, since the beginning of the year CPI growth rate will be reduced by the same period last year and the base of相关的主题文章: