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Serie A – Juventus 2-1 Naples Gonzalo Higuain Gonzalo Higuain Bonucci Jiangong break the drought breaking ball shortage Bonucci shot burst (official website data) – Juventus sports Tencent October 30th Beijing time 2:45 on October 30th, 2016-17 season, the eleventh round of Serie A, Juventus in 2 than 1 beat Juventus arena in Naples. Bonui opened the scoring for Juventus, Naples Callejon equalized, Gonzalo Higuain scored the winning goal and break 5 field goal drought. Juventus continue to lead the Serie A standings with 27 points, leading a few games in Rome, a score of. Replay eleventh minutes, Callejon qianchangduanqiu after the right foot shot out by chiellini. Fourteenth minutes, line area before shooting far left Eder Luis Coulibaly, Reina fell confiscated. Twentieth minutes, Alex Sandro left the ball down a letter, Reina, Leigh F Steiner right foot high tip. Twenty-first minutes, midfielder Alan Chiellini was booked down. Twenty-second minutes, Alex Sandro kicked Meiertengsi was booked. Twenty-fourth minutes, Khedira road Zhise, Gonzalo Higuain broke into the restricted Youlei right foot low shot was denied the bottom line in cash. Twenty-fifth minutes, kaliehong Barzagli cleared away, before the area right foot low shot was Sandro denied the bottom line. Fiftieth minutes, Ghulam restricted siege mistakes, he left foot volley, 1 to 0! Bonui scored the first goal of the season, especially in the text of the season scored 22 goals, of which the ball is scored by 6 guards. The last 2 games, the defender scored 3 goals. Fifty-fourth minutes, Yin xinie exquisite xiechuan, kaliehong restricted Youlei offside right foot low shot, 1 more than 1! Callejon scored seventh league goals this season, the number of goals tied on the season. Sixty-second minutes, Hernanes was a yellow card warning. Seventieth minutes, Gonzalo Higuain restricted area before the pick, Ghulam rescue mistakes, Gonzalo Higuain keep up with the left foot low shot, 2 more than 1! Gonzalo Higuain scored seventh goals in Serie A this season, breaking the double line of 5 ball shortage. In the end, Juventus home 2 to 1 victory over Naples, won the game in a row, with a total of 27 points to continue to lead the Serie A standings, while Naples lags behind juventus. The statistics Juve possession rate of 51.4%, 10 shot 3 shots and scored 2 goals, Naples 12 shooting 2 shots. Juve game 11 fouls, 4 yellow, while Naples had only 1 yellow cards. Gonzalo Higuain shot 3 times 2 shots and scored 1 goals, Callejon shot 3 times and scored 1 goals, only one shot on goal bonucci. The lineup (3-5-2): Juventus goalkeeper: Buffon defender Chiellini: (39 minutes Claude Lado), Bonui, Barzagli, Hernanes, Leigh F Steiner: midfielder Khedira (76 minutes Sturua Lo), P Janic (Marchisio 68 minutes), Alex Sandro striker: Man Giulia Kikki, Gonzalo Higuain Naples (4-3-3): goalkeeper: Reina: Ashley Coulibaly, Zaire defender based in Ghulam, Kesh, midfielder: Alan (76 minutes Zielinski), Diawara, Hamm Sieck, Mei Erteng, Callejon: striker Yin xinie (61 minutes Jarka Rini) referee: rocky (Obail)相关的主题文章: