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Serie A – Milan win 1-0 back three new nuclear Niangbaka break column Sohu October 30th sports news Beijing standard time evening 22 when the eleventh round of Serie A, a focus of the war, Milan beat Pescara 1-0 AC in the home court, nearly 7 League win 5 points, temporarily return to Naples beyond the top of the column. Bonaventura direct free kick, Chewbacca, gnan shot. The game focus AC Milan defense getters suspended Paletta, Vangioni, Rudge, Marty, Bertolt Calabria – Fernandes, Antonelli, Montolivo six first team players to injury. Milan to adjust the first, Gustavo – Gomes in the defender position, and – – – the first rotation of the rotation, there are 7 in the lineup after the appearance of the new generation of 90 stars in the. Seventeenth minutes of Milan missed opportunity, after crossing the road right cut Suso, Baca 10 meters away from the door to get rid of the defense volley ball was not shot, played by goalkeeper BIZARRI confiscated power. Thirty-fifth minutes, Bonaventura left any ball into the box, Pescara miskick, de Sileo 8 meters away from the door to the right posture and explosive shot, the ball was goalkeeper before the goal line magic block! Forty-third minutes, right up the Suso pass in the left foot, gnan header rubs shot hit the left post pop! Bonaventura break to win the closed top kick, forty-ninth minutes away from the door, Bonaventura kick 20 yards direct free kick, his strong low shot shot through the wall into the lower left corner! 1-0, AC Milan leader. This is the September 2015 Balotelli Udine J scored a free kick against Milan since AC, one year after the first direct free kick. After Pescara’s Milan old Aquilani was replaced due to injury, replace the appearance of the old Milan cristante. Fifty-first minutes after the break, the union of the left low the road, 6 meters away from the door on the ground, poking the ball hit the left post pop! Since then, Milan sent Chelsea (data) rent will be Pasa Ricci, he staged the Serie A debut. Seventy-eighth minutes, Suso right-wing free kick into the penalty area, Pasa Ricci 5 meters away from the door header top grab shot. Seventy-ninth minutes, the Pescara team Benali periphery long-range, Donna Roumat dropped, Manai close tip break, but the first was offside, replays showed the accurate penalty. In stoppage time, Kapp Larry Donna Roumat singled out the long pole, but his move was saved! The game data statistics game scene is 55, AC Milan offensive organization is relatively more aggressive, absolute scoring opportunities, the shot is the number, the number of shots were prevailed, winning in reason. In addition, the two teams have played a good game, which makes the two sides have a total of 15 shots, but only a goal. The lineup of AC Milan (4-3-3): 99- Donna Roumat 20- Abate, Gustavo 15- – Gomes, 13- Rome, 2- 23- Jose – de Sileo gnoli (33- Sosa Kurtz card, sixty-eighth minutes), 73- 5- (Bonaventura Locatelli, manuele – 7- Lewis – Adriano, eighty-fourth minutes) -相关的主题文章: