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Set a small goal, go to Nanxi River to play these places. The first set of a tourism Sohu can achieve small goals, for example I first lost it twenty pounds; first set a can achieve small goals, for example I sleep for thirty hours; the first set of a can achieve small goals, for example, let the boss first wages; aerial, Longwan Lake National Forest Park photography Wu Qiuhuang WeChat: micro-blog @ wuqiuhuang123 [introduction] Wang Jianlin’s one hundred million, I have deeply poked in the dream (special) (not) to (poor) people think it is time to give yourself a small target. One hundred million is too far away, and I’m going to travel back to think about, for example, set a small goal, such as Nanxi River to play these places. [travel] a directory two, first set a preface, small target, go to Nanxi River to get these local play times three, Day1: Xiamen – Yongjia – Sigiriya Lion Rock – Zhejiang Lishui Street four, Day2 Nanxi River: Shizhi rock – Longwan Lake National Forest Park, five Day3: Songzhuang · Cang Slope — Lishui — Nanxi River drifting six streets Nanxi River, travel Raiders: how about dinner about accommodation travel tips to share the first aerial [small goal, go to Nanxi River to get these local play times. 1] Nanxi River Sigiriya Lion Rock Island, fishermen using the most primitive way of cormorants to catch fish. 2 Lishui street, 300 meters long corridor built by the water, more than 90 old storefront gallery. 3 the hot summer has not completely faded, with the heat of the summer autumn has come quietly. 4 stone Zhiyan, three ring Creek, and the stone mast across the stream relative to the peaks, Qingtian stone mast rock out of the ground, "Southern Tianzhu" reputation. 5 mountains, waterfalls and pools, a poetic and infinite charm. 6 Longwan national Forest Park, enjoy the natural scenery. The 7 world "thirty percent off waterfall", seven Tan seven waterfall, after several ups and downs, spectacular. 8 at the door of the old man, often waiting for you, you often go home to see. 9, · Cangpo,: "the"scholar’s four jewels"" as a sample built picturesque ancient village Millennium ancient song. Pen Cang slope village. The 10 is always going to go, unable to retain, but is the beginning of the next cycle. 11 Nanxi River drifting, take the bamboo raft drifting, and the kiss, under the raft is clear cold water. 12.tong Cheng Nanxi River inspection passengers, and now there is no UAV are not afraid to go out to play, the peer’s 8 partners, with a total of 6 unmanned aerial vehicles, and I look at the world from another angle! About the author: 13 free travel experience division, professional photographers, aerial photography, hotel sleep tester. If you love photography, love travel, love photography, then I focus on micro-blog @ Wu Qiuhuang)相关的主题文章: