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Seven high Qi a delicacy of travel – Sohu of Zhangzhou tourism Yunxiao County, is a fascinating place I am very fond of the sky, not only picturesque, simple folk, more delicious snacks add spice. I have many folk songs to the sky, the sky also organized several outdoor activities, each time to the sky, let me and my buddy deep impression, and fascinated. In the sky, there is a snack called I coveted, eating cake, after obsession, is "roast chicken". Dish on the table of the chicken, light is the gold yellow color will make people inviting, clip a chopsticks, tender and juicy, sweet but not greasy, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes. Last year, I went to the sky Township folk songs. Here not only picking carambola, there are many cultural monuments can be fine, more magnificent waterfall landscape, as well as delicious roast chicken, roast chicken from the river [] to seven high Qi, less than a dozen kilometers of the mountain, but to go a 146 curved mountain road. Contact the seven high Qi villagers in advance, already prepared for us to do some kiln, kiln kiln chicken, see villagers take the chicken, you can directly enjoy delicious roast chicken. Roller kiln chicken is very unique, cannot do without a word — "soil". The local mountain "Tuyao chicken", rather than chicken, soy sauce, salt, sugar, etc. will placed in the abdominal cavity of the chicken, dipped in wine Longyan papyrus on the package, wrapped in foil, not ready; pan, but with the heap "Tuyao, set aside a small door in the kiln side take on the gravel, tired as an approximate cone of stones; not direct fire, but the fire after the" Yu Wen soil "to stew grog kiln chicken, the firewood into good pile of kiln, high temperature burning to remove the white stone, not the burning firewood, put beforehand processed chicken, a kiln can be more than just" roast chicken stew". Half an hour later, the smell of chicken and pulled out a hole, delicious roast chicken from the kiln, a hot cut dish for diners. This primitive practice has a long history. According to legend, in ancient times, the local sky mountain together to laugh grazing, chase, catch hare, dig nest, dig cellars, tired heap, birds, eggs with the sweet potato and sweet potato in Tuyao, pick up some firewood burning stew, cooked and food. There are said to be modeled on the Ming Dynasty Hongwu emperor Zhu Yuanzhang when the practice of looking after rich body rise head and shoulders above others. Thus, the law gradually spread popular. Today, the original "soil" method has been rich and innovative. For example, adding herbs in the sauce, improve the nutritional value. In addition, put the egg, sweet potato and potato as a garnish, which preserved the kiln taste, and everywhere in this era to meet the diverse needs of chowhound diners on the delicacy. [seven] seven high Qi high Qi is located at the junction of Zhaoan and Yunxiao County West Guan Po, from highway 11 kilometers away from National Highway 324 line and Shen Hai high speed of 28 km, with an average elevation of 500 meters. "Seven high Qi" also known as "seven high" Ji ", which falls due to a riverbank", the village west of the mountains and streams formed ranging from the size of the seven waterfalls, high Qi village, hence the name. Majestic waterfalls, gas相关的主题文章: