Shadow blade 2 evaluation domestic ARPG IOS today launched one of the martial arts meyou

"Shadow blade 2" evaluation: domestic ARPG IOS today launched the martial arts expert [Abstract] Oriental martial arts competition Mobile Games "shadow blade 2" finally in today’s landing domestic App Store! In martial arts, magic, mechanical construction of the Diablo arena, unlock new plot, the fate of the characters completely bared there and then. Tencent game channel produced, reproduced please specify! Today, shadow blade 2 officially landed App Store! All iOS users can search and download App Store game experience. Shadow blade 2, hear the rivers and lakes theme concert will be staged in Beijing in November 22nd. Speaking of "shadow blade 2" have to say about the series before, I still remember during college roommate heard this domestic independent game excited, then a single digital version of the price is very cheap like 10 yuan, after the experience of the game feeling is a unique ancient wind of the domestic game, the whole game style and unique combat action, martial arts games make the dark ink + texture, heard after the game from art to program is when a person independently, but also admire from the bottom of my heart. With the advent of the era of hand travel shadow blade series is also moved to the phone. Then we bring "shadow blade 2" demo experience and evaluation. "Shadow blade 2" is a horizontal version of fighting action type Mobile Games, first to feel the artistic style of its people have a unique style is very strong, compared to before in the fine degree of role and the scene also mentioned a very large increase, you can see the creative team for the quality of the game once again grind. Even the shadow of the blade squad system skill on "2" to make the game more sense of the operation, even the system added to solve the team operation difficult game player action game, in line with the mobile phone operating conditions make the game even more action, the role of substitution skills link also allows more freedom of creative game player even the collocation. The game’s initial hero spectrum provides the player with twenty operational roles, with respect to the same type of action hand travel career Division set shadow blade 2 in the role of the design can be described as rich and colorful. The plot suspense drama with severe game dark ink painting style of the game, game player after entering the game, you need a step by step to explore the plot, story of mystery and secret come very fascinating. Picture: continue to polish the inheritance and innovation of the film screen under the edge of the series has been to maintain their own unique style of art, "shadow blade 2" is in inherits the common vertical style of painting on the use of the live2D animation, dynamic role and more smoothly. In black and white on the basis but also add more color performance, to build China wind of the martial arts world by Steampunk + dark knight errant wind, are magnificent in the scene and character design. Role in skills compared to the previous generation is more gorgeous, a variety of dynamic effects and numerical performance of the attacks are just perfect, each character much initial 20 characters in effect each other, not only the role of skills of various BOSS effect is also very good. Than before the shadow of the blade 2 in the performance of the performance of the color of the performance of the more bold, a variety of colors to join the game is gorgeous.相关的主题文章: