Shandong tutor staff to kill the case of family members of the family hearing claims 890 thousand –

Shandong tutor "stick to kill" the student court case family claims 890 thousand – Sohu news in May 28th this year, morning at about 9, four children High Town Village in Shandong Province, Rizhao City Wulian County West tutor Li Yelan was suddenly struck with a rolling pin, an injured child was taken to hospital for treatment, one person died. After a lapse of 5 months, yesterday morning, the case in Shandong Rizhao intermediate people’s court hearing. The deceased father filed criminal incidental civil complaint, request the court to order Li Yelan compensation for death, mental solatium 89 yuan. The murderer was identified as depression in the morning of May 28, 2016, Gao Ze Zhen Xi Lou Cun Wulian county 8 being tutored children, Lee Ye Lan was suddenly closed cane. The injured child was subsequently rushed to hospital, where Zhaoyou 12 year old son was a hit on the head, died later in hospital. He Zhaoyou said that day, more than a dozen children like Li Yelan in the home of the homework as usual, Li Yelan suddenly locked the door, with a rolling pin toward a dozen children play in the past. After that, several children opened the door and ran out, but there were four or five children who did not run out and were wounded. At that time he was working in the field, 28, noon, said his family received a phone call after the accident, hurried home to catch up, arrived at the hospital in Wulian in the afternoon, the child is no good. He Zhaoyou said, their family and the Li Yelan family are very close, the two separated two. His 12 year old son, on the sixth grade primary school, children will be sent to the LES Li Yelan home from the third grade, usually after school or Li Yelan Zhou Liuri will go home, let her help job counseling children, more than 100 yuan a month. Second days after the incident, Wulian County People’s government issued a notification of the incident. Informed that Li Yelan at his home in the village after learning commissioned its 4 children wounded with a rolling pin. Injured children were rushed to hospital for treatment, 1 of whom died after rescue. Bulletin also said, Li Yelan served as a substitute teacher village primary school, November 2002 by qingtui, according to his family and the villagers have a history of mental illness. After Wulian County Public Security Bureau to employ the relevant personnel of the assessment of criminal responsibility of Li Yelan, the expert opinion notice shows that the expert opinion of "Li Yelan was diagnosed as recurrent depression, was associated with psychiatric symptoms assessed as limited criminal responsibility". The court said it did not want to kill people yesterday, the case in the Shandong intermediate people’s court hearing the sunshine. The prosecution alleged that the defendant Li Yelan worked as a substitute teacher at Wulian County High Town West Primary School, after being fired at home. Saturday, May 28, 2016 morning, the defendant Li Yelan at home for the victim he (male, 11 years old), he B (female, aged), Liu (female, aged 12) and so on after the guidance of the children of 8 children. About 10:30, the defendant Li Yelan holding a rolling pin toward the victim He Yi, Liu Mousan, what a man, died of serious injury caused by the victim where a head, where the victim B constitutes a minor, the victim Liu a slight injury. Identified by the Beijing City Court forensic science and Technology Research Institute, the defendant Li Yelan recurrent depression, when the incident Meng相关的主题文章: