Shanghai customs intercepted fireworks smuggling and seized three cases of Yangshan port two new net winavi video converter

Shanghai customs intercepted fireworks smuggling and seized three cases of Yangshan Port in February – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shanghai on October 25th news (reporter Wu Shanyang correspondent Chen Ding) since September, Shanghai Yangshan customs has seized three smuggling cases in the export of dangerous goods, smuggling and seized nearly 50 tons of fireworks. Among them, in September 24th seized a group of nearly 20 tons of fireworks smuggling, has been transferred to the fire safety department dedicated warehouse, waiting for subsequent processing. In September 24th, a Shanghai freight forwarding company’s exports a batch of glass to Yangshan customs? Cup set, the value of $25 thousand. The customs officer Yu Xueming in the discovery of the goods inspection, the container before and after the packing of the goods is not the same, are hidden risks, and decided to complete inventory. The results let Yu Xueming and colleagues took a cold air intake, because in the rear of the container found a large number of fireworks, weighing nearly 20 tons. At that time, these fireworks on the clutter piled up in the container, did not do any security measures." Yu Xueming said. The customs quickly contact the relevant department, this batch of dangerous goods transferred to the private warehouse, for subsequent processing. It has been nearly 2 months since the Customs seized third Yangshan smuggling export fireworks dangerous goods seized smuggling case, accumulated nearly 50 tons of fireworks. In the second half, with Christmas, new year and other festivals, fireworks exports into the peak. In order to protect the safety of the provisions of this kind of dangerous goods only qualified enterprises to carry out export transportation, safety supervision is very strict. However, some criminals in order to take profits, misrepresentation, concealment, rush into danger and other means of concealing smuggled export fireworks. The adventure will bring great security risks in the process of transportation, a little accident caused the explosion, the consequences will be unimaginable. The structure of Shanghai customs with Yangshan Port of import and export commodity characteristics of high risk and key route monitoring, risk surveillance and inspection by other measures, to strengthen the safety supervision of the import and export of goods, and resolutely crack down on smuggling of dangerous goods. Next, the customs will further improve the defense mechanism, the use of more advanced monitoring technologies and management tools to build Yangshan "safe harbor".相关的主题文章: