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Shanghai free trade zone three anniversary: short, flat, fast combination of boxing how to play? Beijing – China News Agency, Shanghai, September 29 (Miu Lu) Shanghai Free Trade Zone in the Chinese free trade zone as Anhui, Xiaogangcun to Chinese rural reform, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in Chinese. 29, Shanghai FTA ushered in his three birthday, the vanguard of reform achievements and the future road is remarkable. A measure of the merits and demerits of merits, return intention is probably more appropriate to. 2013 China was first proposed to be willing to take the negative list of national treatment before admission guidelines and the United States BIT negotiations, and decided to use this standard as an important test of the Shanghai free trade zone. In view of this, the free trade zone of Shanghai FTA had set up the most important point is that the docking of the highest international standards of trade and investment agreements and the best level, in response to the TPP (trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TTIP), cross the the Atlantic trade and investment agreement) and TISA (global service trade agreement (the "3T agreement")) free trade agreements and other international standards. In order to achieve this goal, three years Shanghai free trade zone to promote reform and opening up, so that the negative list towards a more short direction efforts. As of April 8, 2015, the third edition of the negative list, negative list has been reduced from the original 190 to 122. Taking the pace, but the reality of the oncoming embarrassment. Many companies respond, in the field of Finance and cultural entertainment, negative list is not increased, on the financial sector, the list of content from 5 in 2013 to expand to the top 10 categories of small article 26. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of international trade Shen Guilong also called for this, compared with developed countries, China’s negative list is still too much, the next step still needs to be reduced, become shorter". Of course, the negative list is Shanghai FTA first "careful way", listed in the Shanghai free trade zone at the beginning to have long been accustomed to "group to the land, perhaps in the regional development routines heavily, Shanghai free trade area of the development of the road has been let fears: shftz no special preferential policies, there will be attractive? Faced with this challenge, Shanghai FTA has always been steady, "flat" push up. From January to June this year, Shanghai free trade zone 7268 new enterprises, of which foreign companies, 1330. In the first half of the city of Shanghai, nearly half of foreign-funded enterprises are located in the free trade area, the proportion of the number of newly established foreign-funded enterprises also rose from three years ago to nearly 20% of the total number of nearly 5%. Over the past three years, the Shanghai free trade zone is more attractive to enterprises, with only about 1/50 of the area of Shanghai, creating a total production value of of 1/4. The negative list becomes "short" or "flat" GDP in pushing up it, someone said, "the ultimate goal of the formation can be copied to the promotion of the Shanghai FTA experience is the" test field ", as the final implementation of the various reform measures, in order to prevent mistakes, which can be done overnight, to explore slowly, not urgent. However, the hero, before the Shanghai Free Trade Zone thriving)相关的主题文章: