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"Shanghai landscape" into Australia   2017 years ushered in the Macao Tourism – Shanghai Channel – photo original title: 2017 "Australia Tourism Year" preheating "Shanghai scenery" into the Australian visitors with the 3D version of high-rise buildings in Lujiazui. (photo) these days, the new Shanghai city tourism image to promote MV "our Shanghai" appearance in Sydney, Australia, the World Square Shopping Center, for the upcoming 2017 China Australia Tourism Year preheat. In order to let more Australian tourists understand Shanghai, love Shanghai, Piazza Municipal Tourism Bureau yesterday in Sydney World Plaza Center held "Shanghai tourism public promotion day" theme activities, the Australian media and the public launch of the VR virtual reality, 3D naked eye show, get hall game and other colorful display and experience activities. Activity area set up strong Shanghai style Shikumen, attracting many Australian public admission experience. In the VR experience area, visitors are immersed in a 720 degree virtual dimension of the beauty of Shanghai; in the naked eye 3D show display area, experience in Lujiazui as a tower, we have with Shanghai high-rise buildings photo; the old alleys of Shanghai games, also attracted a lot of local people, they came to the play area a go playing "circle" and "smoke Tuo Zi" "shuttlecock" and other games, awfully. Also for Australians love free, long vacation market hot, around the building, culture, art, and leisure, delicacy festivals and other theme, launched a series of micro tour Shanghai pictures and information, roaming chewing, the depth of experience in Shanghai to provide selection for the public. It is worth mentioning that the promotion activities take Shanghai’s way of telling the Australians, invited the Australian tourism industry leaders, with a local view of Shanghai, tells the story, he puzzled love with Shanghai, causing the guests cultural resonance and emotional blend. (reporter Li Baohua) it is reported that, in order to further facilitate the exchanges between China and Australia, deepen exchanges, Eastern Airlines plans before the end of this year, the official opening of the new route to Shanghai to Brisbane. (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong)相关的主题文章: