Shanxi co-ordination to reduce security promote the reform of the coal supply side of the ini

Shanxi urban "to reduce"   promote the coal supply side reform achieved — energy — original title: Shanxi urban "to reduce protection" to promote the coal supply side reform achieved Shanxi overall "to reduce protection" to promote the coal supply side reform achieved this year, the grim face of complex economic situation and the continued large the downward pressure, Shanxi adhere to the reform force, take the lead in the implementation of coal mine 276 working day system, promote the overall development of "to the production capacity, production, growth, vigorously implement the innovation driven, accelerate the accumulation of positive factors, the coal supply side structural reform achieved. But can not be avoided is that the 276 working days is also a double-edged sword. In the first half, the overall price of Shanxi tons of coal rose, but fell 53 yuan, down the volume and price, resulting in a decline in the value of the coal industry fell by 4.3%, negative pull Shanxi industrial added value of nearly two percentage points. Economic downturn, coal production superimposed a coal dominance of the industrial structure, Shanxi steady growth, employment protection, improve people’s livelihood, anti risk encounter greater challenges. The face of pressure, Shanxi change from passive to active, put forward the "3 40%" method, according to the adverse effects of coal industry, non coal industry 40% offset offset 40%, third industry to offset 40% of the overall requirements, production capacity, production capacity, "to increase security". With more than 5000 tons of coal production capacity of Shanxi coal, non coal revenue last year accounted for nearly 90%. The establishment of more than a year of coal exploration of mixed ownership, laser Polytron Technologies Inc, full ownership, independent research and development of the fourth generation display technology, launched the world’s first highest integration, the smallest three pure color laser projector, life is 7 times to the traditional display technology, energy consumption is only 1/3, has signed orders billion yuan. Very year, at all levels to withstand the downward pressure in Shanxi, struggling to maintain the growth of social recognition. In order to promote the development of the tourism industry, Shanxi launched the first tranche of city tourism brand promotion competition show, "said Shanxi good scenery", party secretary, Mayors on selling the landscape". To ease corporate financing difficulties, financing expensive, deputy governor in charge of 9 companies led to Beijing Financial Street Road, 7 days later, a single 2 billion yuan of corporate bonds sold in 10 minutes, the financing cost is lower than expected 1.5 percentage points. As of August 13th, the amount of bonds issued within a month to complete the amount of 8 billion 500 million yuan, the bond issue of coal enterprises to improve the environment. To reduce insurance effect began to appear. June, Shanxi coal industry added value fell 9.4%. However, the month of the province’s industrial added value to withstand the impact of coal drop, to achieve a positive growth of 1%, which is the data since September 2014, the third positive growth. Originally short board, the proportion of service industry continues to increase. Shanxi service industry 1+10 project in 18 countries to encourage the service sector industry, each of which focuses on the construction of the 1 flagship projects and demonstration projects in the 10. Financial services, rural electricity providers, catering, housekeeping services, logistics, tourism services, information services, technology services, cultural and sports leisure and other services to grow rapidly. First half of the year,)相关的主题文章: