She is a good girl in the entertainment circle, prop up the family to help patients, but stopped sho

She is a good girl in the entertainment circle, prop up the family to help patients, but stopped short of life…… Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content!     when we face the flowers are still talked about 90 entertainment history, a rare heart pure girl, yesterday went to heaven…… The 26 year old actress Xu Ting died of lymphoma. Micro-blog screenshot Xu Ting’s personal home page has also become a gray to mourn…… The homepage of Xu Ting young girls, and with Anhui fellow like Zhao Wei, have a pair of eyes can speak. But she is because of life to an abrupt end, unable to complete his dream of acting. Maybe this to you before Xu Ting, Xu Ting is still very strange, after all, she is not what big coffee line, also gossip women not airborne hot search, but the role of small step struggle of the people more worthy of praise. 6 years ago, Wallace Huo made guest appearances around the little girl. Wallace Huo, Xu Ting played Yang Zi’s "home" bestie in TV. Yang Zi, Xu Ting and Ronald Cheng also have been on show in the comedy horror film "funny wonderful night". Xu Ting, Ronald Cheng played Di Ali Gerba’s rival in the network drama "love" in the light. Xu Ting, Di Ali Gerba, Xu Ting might just be a little girl drama obscure, but like many young people to dream of hard work, she is strong and optimistic. Xu Ting stayed up all night trying to make a good film even though his eyes were inflamed. Hungry in Macao down down down Xu Ting micro-blog is a night shooting night scenes, but also Touzhaoyue free. Down down down micro-blog Xu Ting such a diligent and optimistic girl, occasionally send some inspirational anti chicken soup to motivate yourself. In the rain of Shenzhen ran four places busy for a day, she left on the micro-blog such a paragraph: "there is no princess life, there is no princess disease! Don’t be ‘don’t bow, crown will fall’ this kind of chicken soup brainwashing, the lower the head, the hard work, you are not a princess, but also worried about the crown? A man who can bend the waist down, may one day pick up the crown". In addition to keen on their own career, Xu Ting for the sense of responsibility for the family, for their parents also admire. She felt that "every time to earn money to take paycheck home after the money had a little sense of achievement", is also busy then tired. Mother’s Day is also a big blessing to her mother Xu Ting micro-blog, but perhaps the fate of the tease, so that an angel suffering from pain. Xu Ting Xu Ting Xu Ting Xu Ting micro-blog she once generously, to raise money for ill stranger. Pictures from the network at that time already know that he was suffering from lymphoma, Xu Ting is also a three year old baby donations. Xu Ting micro-blog called on everyone to help a girl suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Screenshot WeChat even in the last month of life, she still did not forget to remind patients must go to bed before 10. WeChat screenshots.相关的主题文章: