Shenhua high-level Federation did not contact with us not handsome man took over the country foot-yo te amo

Shenhua high-level Federation did not contact with us: not handsome man took over the country foot MANSANO (map) compared to Uzbekistan, China currently needs more victory. Chaotic technical and tactical arrangements and on-site command, so coach Gao Hongbo into a crisis of confidence. If the lost, do not rule out the possible emergency China football coaching. In the game against Syria, both ends of the offensive and defensive state of the country there is a serious problem, the feeling did not play out all the energy. FIFA official said in the review of the game, Gao Hongbo’s team under pressure from home court audience, they look forward to strive for victory, after losing to Syria, China must win situation to take away Uzbekistan. In front of the Central Asian wolf Uzbekistan, Gao Hongbo only 3 days to transform the team. In just 3 days, how to change the team’s flood system? Throughout the country 12 strong before three games, Gao Hongbo to the industry and the outside world the impression is not good, and many people have criticized its personnel self-willed, tactical command and rigid poor. CCTV famous host Zhang Bin believes that the Chinese team’s technical and tactical arrangements are not reasonable enough, is not the Chinese team conservative? Is it too much to worry about? What’s holding us back? I think the China team in bondage, players were in bondage." In 15 years ago to qualify for the World Cup qualifying hero, the former striker, said is happiness in China and Guangzhou Evergrande coach Li Tie Gao Hongbo, preparing for the command and lack of preparation, the lack of "country foot for the backward plan, Lippi could not before Hengda told the players behind how the future should be how to play, but he is in behind must have his way." It is understood that, if the Gao Hongbo class, the Chinese Football Association will certainly pick a new Yang Shuai, and must be the big name of the. Prior to the success of Guangzhou Evergrande Lippi highest voice. Lippi himself does Chinese soccer coaching idea, but in the fight to win or die, turn bad into good condition, Lippi is willing to take over, or a great unknown. As early as 2014, Lippi had talked about the difficulties he took over the Chinese men — one can’t make bricks without straw. He said that in China, League striker and winger are basically foreign aid, China has good midfielders and defenders, each of the players are trying to attack, but can not enter the ball, so it is easy to lose the game back. In addition, the incumbent candidate Shanghai Shenhua coach, is also the Spaniard Manzano to replace Gao Hongbo. A Spanish football website, even with certainty the story. A senior Shenhua club yesterday responded: "from the football association and we do not have contact with this, heard this news at this time, regardless of the Shenhua club or the Chinese team, is extremely irresponsible."相关的主题文章: